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The follow-up to NBC's mini-series about the Sixties is very nearly as good as the original, but I was disappointed by the total lack of storyline continuity with the first series. I recognize the need to focus on characters who are just starting in life as the decade begins, but I'd still like to have seen some sort of connection to the characters in the first series. I was also shocked at the total omission of the most significant event of the seventies: Star Wars. (And yet, they still found time to include the Pet Rock. Figures.) But I'm just picking nits, it was really very good.

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Thursday, May 11, 2000
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? The Fluxx Zone T-Shirt Special Erupts!

Last week I created a new Fluxx T-Shirt design, and it's been getting such great reactions that we're moving forward immediately with plans to produce it through a T-shirt company called Pegasus Publishing.

Pegasus Publishing specializes in a wide range of fan-oriented merchandise, like Xena and Babylon-5 T-shirts and hats and mugs and such. They also do gaming-related T-shirts, including several for Steve Jackson Games and Knights of the Dinner Table, and when they met us at GAMA, they said they'd add a Fluxx shirt to their line just as soon as we figured out what the design should be. Which is precisely what happened last week.

So, this week we're announcing the Fluxx Zone T-shirt Pre-Order Special. In the next month or two, these great new shirts will start showing up for sale in a wide range of retail outlets including stores, convention vendors, and this website. Naturally, they'll be 100% cotton, and yes, they'll come in the full range of sizes (although the XXLs will cost 2 bucks extra), with an actual retail price of $18.

However, if you order from us *right now* while we're placing our initial order with Pegasus, we'll give you $2 off. We'll be able to get our first batch of shirts a little cheaper, since Scott won't have to warehouse them at all, so as a special bonus for our regular readers, we're actually going to pass those savings on to you. But you have to act now: this offer expires on Wednesday! (And remember, your order won't ship out until a few weeks from now, when we actually get the shirts, so don't put anything else on the order that you can't be patient about receiving.)

Of course, our on-going search for funding continues to be a big topic on our minds. Last week I put up some thoughts we'd been having about Product-Backed Investments, and we got great reactions to that, too. There definitely seem to be people out there who'd be interested in such investments, and we've been having some interesting meetings and email discussions. In particular, Meg has become interested in helping us chart this course, and she's been letting Billy spend extra time with Daddy this week while working up a set of financial spreadsheets, which appear to make the proposal sound. Under this model, the investor would technically own all the product, we'd just store it for them and sell it for them and pay them per unit every few months as they sold. It wouldn't add to our official debt load, and the numbers seem to work for both sides even if it takes us 5 years to sell off the print run. So, it's exciting! This might actually be feasible.

Last week I also talked about the idea of printing Aquarius overseas and said it was probably the first project we'd like to fund this way. Actually, we've since realized that a different print run is even more urgent: Paper Icehouse. Kristin's got everything set up for printing a medium sized run of Paper Icehouse sets, but even though the old version is now sold out, we put this project on hold because of our emerging cashflow crisis. We need $4K to commit to this project right now: who's interested?

Other than that, we've just been plugging away as usual. We're starting to ramp up to Origins, which is now the next big event on our calendar, and we got a lot to do to get ready. (More on that later.) Alison picked up some more freelance teaching work, and we all got good check-ups from the dentist. Plus, we've been playing a lot of Volcano... I have to say, I've become pretty addicted to Kristin's new game. It's got a lot going for it: it's a "pure" Icehouse game (no equipment other than pyramids required) and it's got a wonderfully small and efficient footprint, making it great as a restaurant game (on Sunday we got stuck in the no-service section of the IHOP but we didn't really mind because the conversation was lively and we were able to play repeated games of Volcano). But most of all, it's got great gameplay, of exactly the sort I really favor: It's fast to learn, it's fun to play, and it's entirely tactical (meaning you can't do much long term strategizing, but must simply find the best move possible in the given moment that is your turn). It's also a great game for multi-taskers, since you don't have to pay any attention when it's not your turn (in fact, we have a system for keeping track of who's turn it is during slow games where one player wanders off while the other person thinks: when you take your turn, you point one of your captured pieces at the opponent's pile of pieces, uprighting his similarly placed piece afterwards, like punching a chess clock). Lastly, it's cool just because it's the first pyramid game to actually *require* both an Icehouse set and the Black Ice expansion. So if you've got that combo, give Volcano a try - you'll lava it. (Ouch! Sorry, I don't usually stoop to that sort of thing, but I just couldn't resist.)

AndyHave a great week!

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Thought Residue
Icehouse was passed over in this year's Mensa Awards, which are supposed to judge new games based first and foremost on originality, in favor of several lightweight party games, including Time's Up, an admittedly fun game that's nothing more than a commercially packaged version of an existing no-equipment-needed party game called Celebrities.
I see that Rio Grande will soon be releasing a game by Alan Moon called Time Pirates. Fortunately, judging from the sound of the capsule description, my new time travel game will be better than his. :-) The entire action of Time Pirates seems to be similar to what is merely a subset of my game, plus it's only for 3-5 players (Chrononauts works great with 2, and even has a solitaire option). Lastly, since it'll have a price tag of $30, I'm guessing it's a board game, not a card game.
Admitting that you're wrong is one of the hardest things in the world for people to do, particularly if what you've been doing is basically stupid and you've been doing it for a really long time.

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