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Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

I think film #4 in the sequence is the most interesting of the generally dreadfully batch of sequels to the 1968 sci-fi masterpiece, and it's also the first one I ever saw. (I was 9 at the time, seeing it in a movie theater as part of some other kid's birthday party adventures.) It's a rather grim vision of a near future world that seeks to serve as the missing link to the far future world depicted in the original film. "Conquest of" depicts a Police State-style USA, supposedly in 1991, in which an alien virus has rendered extinct all cats and dogs, causing household-pet-craving humans to train and keep primates instead. [more]

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Thursday, June 15, 2000
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Origins is Approaching

It is now just one month until Origins. Since printing and production cycles typically take 10-15 business days, the deadlines for all the new stuff we're trying to get made in time for Origins are hitting us right now. This is also when we need to be stocking up on whatever Dreamer inventory we plan to take to the show. So, it's been a busy week. We've finally given the go-ahead for the printing of Fluxx version 2.1, which we'll hopefully be debuting at Origins along with the Betatest edition of Chrononauts. Accordingly, I have this week been finalizing the card sheets for Chrononauts, and writing the text for the new rules insert we'll be switching to for Fluxx 2.1 (the text of which I put up on the Fluxx site this week). Kristin meanwhile has been tracking these print jobs and creating purchase requests for many others, since we're also making a Tirade wooden nickel, a completely new chessboard bandanna (with a great new design by Alison), and a small zippered Looney Games carrying bag. More on these projects as they unfold...

Regarding Chrononauts, I've been feeling like the design of the game had pretty much stabilized, but this week we decided to add another sheet of 9 cards to the set, allowing me to fix a couple of game play imperfections and close up a couple of gaps in the backstory. The new cards include a twelfth character (Oliver), a new artifact (Rongo-Rongo Tablets, from Easter Island), 3 new Missions (The Great Mysteries, The Museum of Lost Treasures, and Cheaters Sometimes Win) and a new action, called Sell an Artifact. These new cards really tighten up the artifact collection plotline, since each Artifact is now required by at least 2 missions, and since the Sell option provides a greater incentive to play Artifacts in general. And with Cheaters Sometimes Win, there's now a mission that requires a *forgery* of the Mona Lisa, rather than the real thing. I've also re-written the text for the 1999' patch, so that it does a better job of fitting with both its linchpin and its flipside, and I even adjusted the ratio of Rewinds to Fast Forwards. (I know most of this is going to be unintelligible for those of you who haven't gotten a chance to try out the new game yet, but trust me, these are Good Things.) So now the design is feeling *really* solid. Since the printing deadline for these cards is now just a few days away, Alison and I have been scrambling to finish up the artwork, a few samples of which are shown here. (3 of these drawings are by me, and one is by Alison. Can you guess which is which?) Now the only task remaining is the writing of the actual rules, but the final deadline on those isn't until June 26th, so I've got a little time.

We need an overall name for the series of related tournaments we'll be running at Origins. We were previously thinking to call it the Looney Labs Olympics, or perhaps the Martian Olympics, but apparently the US Olympic Committee won't allow anyone else to use the word Olympics, so now we need another title. When I posted the schedule of tournaments a couple of weeks ago, I impulsively named it the Polyhedrothon 2000, but while some test audiences have loved this name, others weren't so thrilled by it. Some feel it sounds too much like a dice tournament, and many are worried about the pronunciation issue. So earlier this the week, I put the question to the Icehouse Mailing List, and the topic has been heavily debated ever since, with new suggestions including the Pentahedrathalon, the Pentahedraseptathon, and the Quintahedraseptathon, none of which sound like dice events but all of which are affected by the pronunciation issue. So, we're still trying to decide what to call it, and time is rapidly running out - we need to make a decision by Monday, so that we can finalize the marketing materials we'll be handing out on site. So, what do you think we should call it? (Right now I'm leaning towards the Martian Interplanetary Gaming Championships...)

AndyHave a great week!

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Thought Residue
"Did you re-smoothify yourself?" - Alison's way of asking me if I'd shaved
I had a vision the other day of a detailed pen and ink drawing (in the style of Tenniel's Alice illustrations) of a group of rabbits in lab coats playing Icehouse at a little round table in a cozy underground den (like the Secret Hideout in my first Sketchbook Harvest archive) but I don't know when I'll have the time to draw it. (It would make a great T-shirt design though...)
"It's good to want things." - Weird Al Yankovic's reaction to something I said once, when we were hanging out backstage with a mutual friend

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