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The Empty City

New this week: Chapter 78, in which Jim gets a phone call from the girl he met in the bookstore

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The Terminator

The body count is higher than what my violence meter can usually handle (more than 30 if I recall from the time when the crowd I was with did this literally), but being as I am a fan of time travel stories, I do have to admire this film.

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My Favorite Martian :-|

When you eat someone
whole, you should burst, or at least
display some remorse.

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Thursday, March 18,1999

What's New?

New Iceland cartoonthe story so far

We've been getting a lot of phone calls from young girls lately, due to the appearance of Aquarius on the Hot Page of the April issue of Teen magazine. In addition to printing a wonderful little review, they're also running a contest in which they're giving away 20 free copies of the game. If you're interested in trying to win some "retro fun for free" (as they say) then pick up a copy of the mag and turn to page 120. (Can't wait for the contest to end? Then head on over to the gift shop and just buy one.)

New this week is something that's been growing behind our backs and is now big enough that you'll want to spend some time getting caught up with it: it's an online journal.

[If you haven't heard of these yet, online journals are exactly what they sound like they are: people's personal journals, placed on the internet for all to read. E-journals have been rapidly gaining popularity and there are already tons of them out there. Check out Open Pages, Metajournals, or for info on e-journals and many an index into active online diaries.]

My brother Rash has been following the evolution of e-journals for quite some time; visitors to his links page will already know about the list of half a dozen or so that he keeps up with. But he's decided to stop being just a reader, and is now writing an e-journal of his own. It's called L'heure Verte. Check it out.

Contagious Dreams report: The big job this week was mailing out our Seeking Dreamers packet out to every small game company we could find an address for. Kristin tracked down an excellent mailing list that we were able to buy cheap, and yesterday we shipped out our packet to over 100 small game companies! If all goes well, we will soon be receiving lots of games for review. And on the subject of reviews, I've written one for Falling, one of the games I'm most excited about selling in our new online retail store.

In short, things are continuing to move forward.

Don't forget to play!

Thought Residue
"Familiarity is half of popularity." - Alison Frane
Who really invented pause acting: William Shatner (Cap'n Kirk) or Adam West (Batman)? Both shows debuted in 1966.
"You've been targeted for termination." - Reese to Sarah Conner, "The Terminator" (Now there's a string of 5 words you don't ever want to hear...)

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