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It Happened When He Played The Tower

Planet Q kept an assortment of tarot decks on hand for use by customers. To avoid karmic contamination, some were stored with the Icehouse sets, others with the Ouija boards. But one evening, a deck from the Ouija Lounge wound up at a Zarcana table. The game ended prematurely, due to a mysterious power outage.


"He didn't want the gunmetal gray furniture. Because he thought it was covered in germs..."
- Jim Butler

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fugacious (fyoo-gay'-shuss) adj.1. passing away quickly; evanescent 2. (Botany) withering or dropping off early

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Eyes Wide Shut :-)

That does it, no more
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I have been scared straight.
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Back to the Future Part 2

Rare indeed is the sequel that's half as good as the original, but this is a case where Part 2 was actually the best in the series. (It may even be the best time travel movie ever made.) The intricate plot features a dazzling trip into the future, a return to a present day (i.e. 1985) made radically different by timestream meddling, and a timeline repair mission that takes place during the events of the first movie. Great stuff! And it's the only film I've ever seen that included a preview for its own sequel at the end: a true glimpse of the future.

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Bob The Angry Flower

Thursday, September 16, 1999
by the Wunderland Toast Society

New this week:

What's New? The Typesetting is Complete!

Last week I talked about our progress in getting the rulebooks for the new Icehouse sets finalized, noting that we were behind schedule. This week, I'm happy to say that the final rules are all written, the illustrations finished, and the typesetting work completed. Next we'll be preparing a set of Beta release copies of the books, for proofreading by our team of reviewers, and after we correct any typos they find, it'll be off to the printers for mass duplication.

Meanwhile, we went to KLON this week to check on the status of our mold. They're behind schedule too, but like us, only by a few days. We got to see a block of steel with a 3-pointer carved into it, plus lots of new drawings, and we even got to take home some color samples:

So unless Hurricane Floyd flattens Baltimore, we should have real pieces in just a couple of weeks!

Unfortunately, I stupidly forgot to bring my camera, so I have no pictures of half built molds. Here instead is a cartoon I did for the IceTraders book, since we wound up with a little space to fill in that volume.

Alison did all the page layout work for the books, and they look fabulous. It's particularly impressive when you consider that she knew nothing about Quark before picking up this task. Now she knows so much that we've started calling her the Typesetting Queen. She's even considering temp work doing that sort of thing. Anyone looking to hire a fledging Quark expert?

Several of our friends from Pittsburgh came to see us over the weekend, and we ended up inviting them to join the WTS. Andrew Plotkin (aka Zarf) is well known by those who surf these pages, since there are many links over to his fascinating network of interconnected web caves; Dan Efran is also well known in the Icehouse community, for his work with Zarf on X-Icehouse, and as a many-time Icehouse finalist (and Cooler Than Ice recipient). He and his girlfriend 'Becca also have a cool website of their own, entitled The Earthling's Handbook, which those who follow Tirade's Choices will also remember. Anyway, the three of them came down this weekend to hang out and to inspect our progress on the Icehouse materials, this second issue being of key importance to Zarf, who's been doing a bang up job of re-writing the Zarcana rules for us. We all had a great time, and we decided they really should be included on our official roster of close friends, so now they are.

AndyHave you pre-ordered your Icehouse set yet? (If not, act soon - the free postage part of the deal expires at midnight on Monday)

New Iceland cartoonthe story so far

Thought Residue
Alison was telling us that in Amherst, she lived within the delivery radius of a freshly-baked cookie delivery service. Wow.... I wish we had that. All we can get delivered is Chinese food and pizza. (Oh yeah, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.)
The latest round of tax-dollar-funded anti-drug propaganda includes messages aimed at those of us with friends who use drugs, encouraging us to intervene somehow in their vices. I think a better way to help my pot-smoking friends is to seek the same freedoms for them that my beer-drinking friends won in 1933, the last time prohibition was repealed.
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