Kristin's Apartment

This is a tiny little chamber that was probably a broom closet originally, but which has since been converted into a small apartment for Kristin. Basically, when Kristin began taking up a permanent residence in Andrew Looney's brain, she felt the need to have a small space she could call her own. Although there isn't much space, Kristin has decorated it in her usual style. The walls are all lined with bookshelves, each crammed with cruft of varying descriptions. There's also a dresser, a big comfy chair, a microwave oven and a small refrigerator.

Kristin is sitting in the chair, taking a nap.

There are also several little bears scurrying about in here. They look as if they are doing something they should not be doing.

From here you can go to the Game Room or the Erogenous Zone. Or you can look at the map.


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