The Game Room

On entering this room, you notice that the spongy gray stuff under your feet has been transformed into an oversized game board. As you climb over gigantic versions of the game pieces from a wide assortment of different board games, you realize that you've entered the Game Room. Against one wall is a massive bookcase, crammed with games of every type and description you can think of. There are so many that it's hard to really focus on any of them in particular, but a few catch your eye: There's Risk, Set, Hearts, Cosmic Encounter, On the Edge, Proteus, and Nuclear War, and a whole special shelf filled with Magic decks. Needless to say, there's also a entire cabinet devoted to the storage of Icehouse pieces of various types and colors. There's also quite a collection of Tarot decks, which are used not for fortune telling but for playing Zarcana. And of course, there's Fluxx.

Additionally, in one corner there is a small alcove which has been turned into a video arcade, filled with full size video game cabinets, including Missile Command, Rip Off, Marble Madness, Battlezone, Qix, and Star Trek, plus a Twilight Zone pinball machine. Beyond those you can see a 3DO machine running ICEBREAKER, a Playstation running Tomb Raider 2, and a collection of networked PCs and Macs, running a variety of games including Lemmings, Warcraft (the original), The Manhole (the original), Myst, and variety of classic text adventure games, including the original Collosal Cave adventure.

Kristin and Gina are here, playing Aquarius with a playtest deck.

From here you can go to the Right Brain Nucleus, Pepperland, Kristin's Apartment, the Lost Futures Archive, or the Erogenous Zone. You can also look at the map.


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