When Andy's thoughts wander off into the surreal and the abstract, this is where they end up. This place is like a Peter Max painting come to life, or a scene from "Yellow Submarine". Vivid colors scream out at you from a psychedelic landscape. Beatles music fills the air, and flying toasters soar through the sky. In the distance you can see orange giraffes, and a bathtub filled with brightly colored machine tools. On the hillside nearby is a wardrobe filled with Hawaiian shirts and tie dyed clothing.

Sitting atop the wardrobe is the Cheshire Cat. He offers you a six and a half ounce green glass bottle of Coca-cola, with a tag that says "Drink Me," and then promptly fades away, leaving just a grin. The grin then transforms into a large pocket watch, which gradually melts like a chocolate bar that was left out too long on a hot summer's day.

Kristin is here, along with Angie and Leah. They're over by the lovely beverage machine, sitting in the grass, making tie-dyed shirts.

Robin is also here. She is lying in the grass, looking up at the rainbow colored clouds.

From here you can go to the Right Brain Nucleus, the Laboratory for Creative Dynamism, the Game Room, or the Erogenous Zone. Or you can look at the map.


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