The Nucleus of the Right Brain

You are at the core of the Right Brain, a place that looks like a forest. The tunnels leading out of here look like the entrances to various different caves.

In the middle of the forest is a rather strange contraption called the Surrealistic Processor. This device stimulates and manages all of Andy's thoughts of a creative and/or emotional nature. The Surrealistic Processor is a large, irregular cube constructed of tarnished and rusty steel plates welded and bolted together. The Surrealistic Processor seems to draw its power from a large iron cauldron nearby, which contains a mixture of rocks and molten lava, and which is simmering over an open fire. This cauldron is connected to the tarnished, irregular cube via a large diameter brass pipe; other such pipes extend out from the cube and off into the forest in every direction. These pipes somehow allow the Surrealistic Processor to communicate with the other sections of Andy's Right Brain. The only apparent control mechanism on this device is a large red shut-off valve located between the cauldron and the cube. Overall, the Surrealistic Processor looks like something the Professor would have built if he'd had access to materials other than coconut shells and bamboo.

Kristin is here. She's leaning against a tree, reading a book.

Iggy, an overweight cat with a sleek black coat of fur, is curled up on the ground next to Kristin, with his body pushed up against her leg. Iggy is purring intensely.

From here you can go to the Control Center, the Art Gallery, the Writing Nook, the Laboratory for Creative Dynamism, Pepperland, the Game Room, the Lost Futures Archive, the Music Appreciation Room, the Entertainment Center, or the Erogenous Zone. Or you can look at a map.

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