The Lost Futures Archive

This area of Andy's brain is dedicated to the study and appreciation of what people used to think the future would be like. In the center of the room is a scale model of the City of the Future, a place that blends the streamlined idea of the future that was envisioned in the 30's with the boomerangs, tailfins and atomic age push-button convenience of the late 50's and early 60's. On the walls are futuristic paintings, drawings, blueprints and propaganda, and a large display case is stuffed full of artifacts and ephemera from the New York World's Fairs of 1939 and 1964.

Two of Andy's brothers are here. Jeff is staring at one of the paintings, while Rash has opened up the display case and is handling the objects within.

From here you can go to the Right Brain Nucleus, the Game Room, the Music Appreciation Room, or the Erogenous Zone. Or you can look at the map.

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