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Thursday, October 18th, 2007

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Drains of Canada: An Interview with Michael Cook

"This was my 10th order with Looney Labs. Every time the order has been prompt, has included everything ordered (and sometimes a small gift that wasn't ordered) and usually has some friendly note in the memo on the invoice. I'm very pleased. You cannot possibly hear often enough that your company is the example of This-is-how-it should-be-done! Thank you." -- email from Dennis D

A sudden burst of links after a silent interval

Sarah Got Married!

The big news in my family this week is that my niece Sarah got married this weekend! It was a lovely wedding and best of all, everyone in the family seems to agree that her chosen man is a really nice guy and that the two of them are great for each other. Here's wishing Sarah and Shaun a wonderful life together!

It was a very big wedding -- lots of new faces -- and it was well-attended by various out-of-towners I haven't had a chance to see in a long time, including my Aunt Margie (who lives in Tennessee) and my Uncle Bill and brother Rash (who both live in California). I particularly enjoyed talking to my cousin Olivia, whom I've barely ever met but who I think I have a lot in common with, (Turns out she lives in Baltimore now, so maybe this event will lead to us becoming closer friends.) Also there were my other niece, Sharon, and her brother James, who are currently 10 years old and always a joy to hang out with, so I was very pleased to find the 3 of us assigned to Table 11 with them along with their parents and Rash.

The top photo this week shows Sarah in her stunning gown posing with Sharon, who is also wearing a beautiful white dress. What's especially fun about this is that, seventeen years ago, Sarah wore this very same dress to a trio of weddings that took place in my family. In the same year I got married, so too did my brothers Jeff (Sharon's father) and Howard (Sarah's father), and Sarah was there for all three, in this special little white dress. Perhaps in some distant year, another little Looney girl will wear this dress to another Looney wedding...

Here we see the happy couple cutting into the cake. (That's my favorite part of any wedding, and it was an excellent cake, too.)

Notice how the cake is decorated with an autumn leaf motif? This was a theme running through the complete event, with falling leaves gracing everything from the invitations to the program booklet to the little jars of honey which everyone took home as favors.

My favorite thing about this theme was a story Howard told me. Howard is well-known for scheduling his vacations during these magical few weeks each year when the leaves are the most colorful, and going up to the mountains to enjoy them. So imagine how he felt when he heard his daughter had decided to do something as hectic as getting married during his usual vacation time! Her response was perfect: "Dad, you're the one who taught me to love this time of year!"

Here's one more photo, showing the action that was going on most of the time at Table 11. I gave away a few copies of the newly arrived Zombie Fluxx, and James and Sharon couldn't stop playing it! (For more details on the games I played at Sarah's wedding, check out my LiveJournal.)

Best wishes Sarah & Shaun!

Thanks for reading, and have a great fortnight!


Thought Residue

"I've always played Fluxx as though the play and draw rules were quotas to be met by the end of the turn. I like it that way... If you can rig it so that you're turn ends with just 'Trade Hands' in your hand, and you're lucky enough to not have to draw cards before your next turn, then I think it's great that you can Trade Hands before drawing. Very clever; everybody else will be trying to do the same thing, once they've seen the trick. IMO, that's much more fun than just randomly playing cards and seeing what pops up... For that matter, draw-anytime means that we don't have to keep reminding eager players to draw their cards before they make that much-anticipated tasty first play. It feels a little less tedious. So, yeah, please keep our options open. If a particular card's text needs to be tweaked, tweak it in the next version." -- Comments from the elusive bobsquatch on The Question of Playing First
I really enjoyed the first season of the AMC series "Mad Men," about the inside world of a Madison Avenue advertising agency in 1960. I'm pleased to see that it's been picked up for a second season, and I hope it does really well. I'd love to see them continue until at least 1964, since they'd obviously have to include some references to the New York World's Fair. I'm thinking the Fair would be a major theme throughout the fourth and fith seasons. Maybe it'll even hit the late sixties! That'd be fun.
"Not taxing the $113 billion U.S. marijuana industry, plus enforcing anti-marijuana laws, costs U.S. taxpayers $41.8 billion a year, a George Mason University study found." -- Forbes, seen quoted in The Week, Oct 12, 20007

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