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Thursday, January 10th, 2008

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brobdignagian (brob-dig-nag'-ee-un) adj. (often capitalized) of colossal proportions or extraordinary height; gigantic. n. a giant. [From Brobdignag, a country of giants, in the book Gulliver's Travels.]

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Ratatouille  :)

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"First of all, I want to say 'Thank you' for such a great new game, Zombie Fluxx! I've demo'd the game at the store and played multiple times with my co-workers, my wife and a few friends. Everyone who has tried the game has asked to play multiple rounds and had a great time. Even those few who haven't played Fluxx before (I've introduced it to everyone I know) had an easy time grasping the ever-changing rules and laughing at the fast paced format... As a side note, I've been talking about Fluxx, Chrononauts, Nano-Fictionary and Aquarius to everyone I know for years. Zombie Fluxx is the first game that seems to appeal to everyone I mention it to. It looks like you've created a real winner and I thank you for the 'doorway' to your other great games. My non-game playing friends are already interested in sitting down with Aquarius soon." -- Email from Cobolt

Cream Puffs!

Bring on 2008!

Happy New Year! As is usual for us at this time of year, we've been doing a lot of Big Picture thinking, gazing out at the months ahead, charting our path through the coming year. And I'm really excited about 2008... I think it's going to be an excellent year!

I wish I could tell you about the cool new game ideas I've been hatching lately in my secret game design cave, but nothing's ready enough for me to announce just yet. Suffice it to say however that I've got some very cool new stuff in the works!

Part of the current planning push is about Origins... even though it's still many months away, the deadline for submitting our planned slate of events is rapidly approaching. In fact, it's due January 25th! So we've been having a lot of discussions on the Origins planning list, and we're in the midst of hammering out the schedule for the next Big Experiment. (Sign up for the mailing list if you want in on the discussions!)

Unfortunately, our plans have already had a wrench tossed into them. For the last couple of years, we've been partnering with fellow game company Paizo Publishing and sharing with them the profits from sales of our products at Origins (and GenCon) in exchange for their services in handling the retail work involved in selling our games to the public at these gigantic conventions. They've even been giving us a section of their booth in which to provide demos of our products.

This arrangement has been very beneficial for us, and there've certainly been advantages to it for Paizo, too... but unfortunately, they've decided to move in a different direction. We weren't the only company whose products they were showcasing and retailing, and after experimenting with such arrangements for a couple of years, they've decided to scale back such efforts rather than continuing to expand them. They informed us this week that they've decided to get smaller booths at Origins and GenCon this year, leaving us needing to make new plans.

So while I can't fault them for making the best business decisions for their company, this is obviously a drag for ours, since a bunch of planning we'd thought was well in hand is now totally up in the air. Should we go back to handling our own sales like we did 4 years ago (and like we did a few months ago at ZombieFest) or is there another company we could join forces with? Either choice just leads to more questions...

Anyway, we've still got a little time to figure it all out... but we're already making plans for this summer. And what about you... are YOU planning to attend Origins? Well, you should! It's my favorite week of the year, so come on out to Ohio and join me for our Ninth Big Experiment this June!

AndyThanks for reading and have an awesome oh-eight!

Thought Residue
I had a great moment with Shiro the shoulder-riding cat this week. I've put her up onto my shoulder countless times and she's gotten great at finding a comfortable spot and hanging out there for awhile, but for the first time ever, she hopped up to perch on my shoulder on her own! Sweet!

I'm super-bummed that the new time travel series called Journeyman was canceled after just 13 episodes, particularly since the last two ("The Hanged Man" and "Perfidia") were the best of the bunch and really showed the kind of potential this series had. I wish they'd gotten on with episodes that good a little sooner, perhaps then the show would have grabbed the audience needed to continue it.

"We're the folks walking toward a festive house saying, 'How long do we have to stay?' Or we're the ones in the center of the room assessing others' interactions, and slowly backing toward the door. Introverts crave meaning, so party chitchat feels like sandpaper to our psyche. Here's what introverts are not: We're not afraid, and we're not shy. Introversion has little to do with fear or reticence. We're just focused, and we prefer one-on-one because we like to listen and we want to follow an idea all the way through to another interesting idea. That's why small talk annoys us. So does pretending to be happy or excited or anything that we're not." -- Diane Cameron, "Happy Introvert Day"

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