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Thursday, June 10th, 2010

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Tirade's Choice

Brian and John

"Fluxx with the 'Pandora's Box' rule is the most fun card in the history of card games." -- Tweet by WeirdUncleDave

Rash provides another batch of links and commentary on topics including: the latest updates to the New York subway map, a map of the islands of San Francisco, a recent interview with Larry Fast, Unusual and Creative Staircase Designs, Dutch cycling paradise, Mother Nature as Abstract Artist, Fifty Extraordinary Churches, Franny and Who-ey?, Origami Cubes, Making your own Laundry Detergent, and the Woodruff Special.

Origins Prep, Looney Techs, Green Paint, and more

Greetings loyal readers! It's been another crazy-busy month here at the Lab... and the next one is going to be even more intense, since Origins is now just two weeks away! Obviously this means preparations for Origins are a big part of our focus right now, but there's a ton of other stuff going on...

First there's our big fall release. We're in the final stages of production and it's coming together REALLY well. I'm so excited! Shown here is the finished image of the 6-unit display box we've just been cleared to release. Check out that splash image on the side panel! Derek Ring is making some incredible artwork for this game!

But our big fall release isn't the only new game I'm working on. Even as we rush to get ready for our big fall release, I'm already looking ahead to our big release for next spring. And the rumors are true: it's gonna be Pirate Fluxx! Yarrrr!

Pirate Fluxx is something I've been pondering for years, so when I finally sat down to hammer out a prototype, I had enough ideas already collected together that it only took me a couple of days to work out the design. And it rocks! I've cooked up a couple of new twists for the Pirate version that are going to make Fluxx fans freak out. (Yes, I said "freak out". No, I won't tell you more right now.)

For those of you who'll be attending Origins, yes, you'll have an opportunity to playtest both BTTF and Pirate Fluxx, not to mention several unpublished Icehouse games.

Speaking of the fans who'll soon be gathering at Origins, I mentioned here last time that we'd decided to rename our fan club (previously known as the Mad Lab Rabbits). As you probably either know or can imagine, we got quite an earful about this decision. Many didn't like the idea of changing the name at all, but most folks seemed to agree with or -- at least understand -- our reasons for needing to make a change. However, very few people liked our idea for what to change it to. Many emails later, we combined various suggestions into something that seemed to meet with a lot more support: Looney Game Technicians. Yes, it's a bit of a mouthful, but it abbreviates nicely as Looney Techs, which seems to be catchy enough that it might just work.

Of course, whatever the new name settles out to be, the old name will undoubtedly stick around for a long time. Which is fine. We understand that old names, like habits, die hard. But I'm hoping we finally have a new name chosen.

Also last time, I mentioned big changes that included new employees and new housemates. I'm pleased to say the first month has gone very well in all of those regards!

In other news, our Penny turned green, and we had a great time at PDF! To explain the second statement first, we spent our Memorial Day weekend camping with about a thousand other hippies out in the middle of nowhere at an event called Playa Del Fuego (PDF). As I've written before, PDF is basically a small, local version of the Burning Man festival, and it's a pretty wild time. And while it's far from being a game convention, I did manage to attract a few gamers to our game-lounge-in-a-tent to try a few of my newest games (including the one I'd conceived of at PDF the year before, which you see us playing here with a guy named Max).

As for Penny... for reasons that are not important (yes, that means it was my fault), Alison's Prius recently suffered some minor body damage. While getting this repaired, we could have chosen just to repaint the left side black, to match the car's original color... but we decided, as long as we were getting paint applied, that it would be more fun to change the color completely. So now Penny (that's the name of Alison's Prius) is this fantastic-looking green! Yay! (We did the same thing once before, long ago, when we got my old Dodge Omni painted purple -- it too had started out black.)
AndyAnyway, thanks for reading, and here's hoping your June is going well. (And for those of you planning to attend Origins, I'm looking forward to seeing you and playing some games together!)

Thought Residue
I have a feeling very similar to how I felt when I first got my Kolbe index scores, and when I first understood that I'm an introvert living in an extrovert's world, by the aptly-titled page "This column will change your life: Are you an Asker or a Guesser?" I am a Guesser, and my wife Kristin is an Asker.

"Thinking about board games: I have the most fun when the relationship between luck and length of play is inversely proportional." -- tweet by Wil Wheaton
The on-going oil disaster is so depressing, I can barely stand to watch the news these days. What a nightmare! When will it end? How bad will the damage ultimately be?

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