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Monday, March 12, 2012

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JCCC2 was Amazing

We're back from JoCo Cruise Crazy 2 (JCCC2), and it was amazing.

I declined on the opportunity to go on the first JoCo Cruise Crazy, deciding to wait and see what Kristin thought of it before taking such a plunge myself. But from the moment I picked her up from the airport last year, I knew I'd made a mistake in not going with her.

So, I signed on as a Sea Monkey for JoCo Cruise Crazy 2, and the trip was everything I'd hoped it would be. For a week, I sailed the Caribbean seas with old friends, new friends, and a bunch of slightly famous people I admire -- including of course, JoCo himself, Jonathan Coulton, seen here with me on the final night of the cruise.

This was my first time on a giant cruise-ship like this, and it was a great experience. Fine dining, exotic ports of call, the constant swaying that says "this may look like a hotel but you are actually on a gigantic vehicle," and so on. I expected to enjoy all those things, and I did. Very much. But what drew me to it, and what made the cruise so fantastic, was the convention.

I've been to a lot of conventions, and in many ways this was just another. But this is also a totally new convention (well, since last year) and it's not quite like any of the other conventions I attend.

The official theme of the convention is the music Jonathan Coulton, but since he writes songs about games and robots and monkeys on the internet, it was also a convention about games and robots and monkeys on the internet. And that makes it my kind of convention.

Particularly of course, the games. The game room was so popular last year that they made it a 24-hour thing this time, and that was my favorite place to hang out. I got a lot of great playtesting done during our long days at sea!

Here's the official Wunderland Toast Society group photo. That's Alex on the left, then John, Renee, Kristin, Gina, Alison, and myself.

Perhaps the craziest event on this crazy cruise was the Paul F. Tompkins Mustache & Fez Formal, for which occasion I grew a mustache. I also dusted off my classic Emperor of the Universe uniform, since that seemed suitably formal. I posed for a lot of photos, including the one shown here by Hank Shiffman -- but I forgot to take any myself.

It being a Mustache Formal, everyone was expected to wear a mustache -- those without mustaches were issued self-adhesive mustaches upon arrival. But most guests had come prepared, many with elaborate and often ridiculous fake mustaches. And I wasn't the only man to grow a mustache specifically for this party -- but I was the only one to shave it off again as soon as the party ended.

Awards were given for Best Mustache in both Natural and Artificial categories, and I was one of the nominees for the Best Natural Mustache award. I was actually happy not to win, however, since I'd previously decided not to keep it permanently. I would have had to re-consider if it had become an award-winning 'stache!

Anyway, that's the short report. For more details, check out Pano Galleries 13 and 14!

AndyThanks for reading, and have a great Whenever!


PS: Are you going to be at GTS, LunaCon, MidSouthCon, or PAX East? If so, look for me there!



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