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Friday, February 17, 2012

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Oz Fluxx Video & Turn Tokens

Our next big release is on the way! Oz Fluxx will be released on March 23rd, and we're all pretty excited about it!

As has become usual for our big new releases, we've created a video to introduce the game. But we've also gone in a different direction this time.

Our previous three videos (for Ice Dice, Seven Dragons, and Star Fluxx) were made for us by our friend Alex Bradley, who created fantastic animations of me, explaining the games to several little groups of our friends. As you might expect, it was a great deal of work for Alex to animate me all by himself, and after doing 3 such videos he's ready to move on to other projects.

So, for the Oz Fluxx video, we needed a new videosmith, and we ended up choosing Don Dehm and his team at Pulp Gamer. And since it would be way too much to ask to get someone else to match Alex's ambitious creations, we also needed to come up with a different approach.

After much debate, I wrote a script in which I simply retell the story, with a little commentary along the way, illustrated by images of as many cards from the game as possible. Go check it out!

And by the way, isn't our Dorothy charming? We're so pleased with the art our new artist Michael Hays created!

We're also doing something totally new as part of the launch of Oz Fluxx: We're making Turn Tokens! Technically, these are known as Challenge Coins, and they are simply big heavy coins with fancy designs that you can only get by being a member of a select group.

Shown here are the first three we are minting, two that will be generally available to members of the groups they represent, and one that will be the first of a series of limited-time editions, each created in conjunction with the release of one of our new products.

All of our Turn Tokens will have the same Reverse side design, namely the "IT'S MY TURN!" logo shown here. That, of course, is what makes these coins Turn Tokens -- the idea being that their owners will use them when they play games, as a token to move from player to player during the game to denote whose turn it is. (We've been experimenting with using cards for this purpose for a long time now...)

Check out the Challenge Coin page for details on when they will become available and what you have to do to get one!

Lastly, Alison reached another important milestone on the incredible Pepperland mural she's creating: she's finally added the first splashes of actual color! (Check out Pano Gallery #10 to see what it looked like before she painted it all white.)

AndyThanks for reading, and have a great Whenever!


PS: You may have noticed that I've grown a mustache. I'll probably shave it off soon.

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