An Electronic Book

Copyright © 1997 by Andrew Looney


Gina Mai Denn is one of my favorite models, due to her charming smile, beautiful long hair, vanity, and availablity. She appears several times on the Image Wall, but I have so many other good and/or funny pictures of her that I decided to make her the focus of an entirely seperate Electronic Book. Her sister Lori looks alot like Gina and is also fun to take pictures of, and anyway including her makes for a much catchier title, so she's there too. (Not often yet though, as she lives far away, in a different climate.)

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Aquarius Mar 1998 Gina
At noon, people throw me peanuts Mar 1998 Gina
Avocado Sammitch Mar 1998 Gina
Be Here Now Mar 1998 Gina
I'm a gargoyle Mar 1998 Gina
It's all done with mirrors Mar 1998 Gina
Keep going, it makes it last longer! Mar 1998 Gina
Lickin' Lichen Mar 1998 Gina
Sunning at the aqueduct Mar 1998 Gina
These are actually Andy's sunglasses... Mar 1998 Gina
What has it got in its pockets, my precious? Mar 1998 Gina
Cat goes left, hair goes right Feb 1998 Gina
Eating Wild Chives Feb 1998 Gina
Gina's Couch Feb 1998 Gina
God, this fridge is filthy! Feb 1998 Gina
I should be cleaning my refridgerator right now... Feb 1998 Gina
Never Had Braces Feb 1998 Gina
One for the hair fans Feb 1998 Gina
Psychedelic Droog Feb 1998 Gina
Squoogy Woojy Goojy Poodjy Feb 1998 Gina
Time for your medicine, Mango Feb 1998 Gina
What exactly is that thing she does? Feb 1998 Gina
"I Love Water!" Jan 1998 Gina
Swish! Jan 1998 Gina
"My husband is out turning naked cartwheels on I-95, and I don't mind, really--" Dec 1997 Gina
Red Coat at Christmastime Dec 1997 Gina
Red Pants, Green Shirt Dec 1997 Gina
Gina Blocking the Fridge Nov 1997 Gina
Hair, Hand, Rings Nov 1997 Gina
Poofy Black Hat Nov 1997 Gina
Red Jester Cap Nov 1997 Gina
Sitting on the Steps Nov 1997 Gina
What Card Should I Play?!? Nov 1997 Gina
Yowza! Nov 1997 Gina
Gina At The Street Festival Oct 1997 Gina
See, when I do this, a balloon pops out of my head! Oct 1997 Gina
Wide Hat, Wide Smile Oct 1997 Gina
At the Renn Fair Sep 1997 Gina
I don't even play Arcana! Sep 1997 Gina
I'm Innocent! Sep 1997 Gina
Nanny nanny goo goo Sep 1997 Gina
Yes, master! Sep 1997 Gina
Hi! Aug 1997 Lori
Lori Denn Aug 1997 Lori
Lori Looking Radiant Aug 1997 Lori
...and then he said, "By the way, what did the chicken do?" Aug 1997 Gina
Feed Me! Give me Cake! Aug 1997 Gina
Gina Mai got married Aug 1997 Gina
John and Gina sitting in a tree Aug 1997 Gina
Help! What's this growing out of my chest? Jul 1997 Gina
I can't see! Jan 1997 Gina
Black & white & hair all over Nov 1996 Gina
Gina and the Black and White wall Nov 1996 Gina
Gina's Hair Overhang Nov 1996 Gina
Hair with chair Nov 1996 Gina
My next album cover Nov 1996 Gina
Purple shirt, blue sky Nov 1996 Gina
Red dress with elbow Nov 1996 Gina
Tree huggin' vegan nymph Nov 1996 Gina
Xmas At Ground Zero Mar 1993 Gina