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Lying on my bed listening to Kory on the phone. He says, "What I'm saying is that we can't conclude anything from Andy asking those questions, because we had played so many variations and it's confusing."

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internuncio (in'-ter-nun'-see-oh) n. 1: a messenger between two parties; go between 2: a papal legate of lower rank than a nuncio

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon %}
I never thought that
someday, somebody might make
a good kung fu film.

Daddy-O's Reviews

This film is typified by a scene in which the new National Drug Czar, played by Michael Douglas, asks his advisors to "think outside the box" about the drug problem, and to feel free to suggest anything new we might try. But no one dares say anything. The obvious answer is so unthinkable that even this film refrains from coming right out and suggesting it... nowhere in this film are the words "legalization", "decriminalization", or even "prohibition" ever uttered. But perhaps that's the best way to get the conversation started, with a problem statement that begs for discussion. I think everyone in America should see this film, but I particularly recommend it to whoever might actually become the next drug czar: See this before you accept the job.

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The Great Moon Hoax

#12's Webcomic picks

Thursday, March 1, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Avoiding a Fire / Tending the Stove

See this mask? Dawn painted it and gave it to Kristin back in the days of President Bush (you know, the original version) and ever since then he's been hanging over a window frame in our house. This week, however, this little piggy proved he was evil (Kristin had always kind of suspected it) by falling down onto one of those tall halogen floor lamps... when no one was around. And he started catching fire!

Luckily, the smoldering pig set off a nearby smoke detector, which sounded the alarm downstairs, and the fire was quickly extinguished. (See? He only lost one ear.) Moreover, the smoke detector sent an alert message to our security agency, who called us to make sure things were under control, which means that even if we hadn't been there to catch it, the house would still have been saved. So... nothing really happened. But after toK's recent tragedy, the lingering smell of smoke upstairs leaves us feeling kind of freaked out. (Hey, have you checked the batteries in your smoke detector lately?)

One thing I didn't mention on my new What's on the Stove document is the second printing of Aquarius. Although it's the least exciting of our current projects, it's also the most urgent... the first print run of the game is about to sell out, and we don't really want it to go out of print. But we had some problems with our card printer on Chrononauts, and cashflow is tight, so we haven't been sure how and where we'd be getting Aquarius reprinted until now. But happily, Kristin worked out a great deal with the Carta Mundi, so a small second printing of the game will soon be underway. Now we just need to quickly redesign the tuckbox...

Meanwhile, Alison made me a Zornic alphabet, based on all the funny squiggles and doodles I've been using for their language; you can see the first examples of it in this week's cartoon. (She also made me a dozen long-stemmed chocolate chip cookies, but that's another story.)

Reminder to the locals: We'll be playing our games and eating Pop-Tarts at JohnCon on Saturday at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Join us!Andy

the story so far

Thought Residue
I'm just dying for That 70's Show to "do" Gilligan's Island (like they did with Star Wars and more recently I Dream of Jeannie). I can totally see it. Donna & Jackie would be perfect as Ginger & Mary Ann, Kelso is obviously Gilligan, and Eric the Professor, leaving Hyde to be the Skipper, with Red & Kitty obviously being the Howells. And Fez? He'd either be a Marubi headhunter or the wacky guest star who shows up in the lagoon with a boat (or other rescue mechanism) for Gilligan to wreck.

"Cigarette butts can be soaked in water to make an extremely toxic bug spray. Nicotine is a very powerful poison that can kill just about any living creature." -- Ellen Sandbeck, Slug Bread & Beheaded Thistles
Our Little Cat has learned to play fetch! I throw a toy mouse down the hall and she'll chase after it and bring it back, over and over again, just as if she were a little dog!

"My wife doesn't usually like to play games that much, but lately she's been bugging me to play Aquarius almost every day! Great game!" -- Larry Wheeler, via email

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