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I'm cutting through a large three by four foot section of our wedding tree with a chainsaw.

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone :)

Who'll win the most points,
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Mullholland Drive

A strange and creepy film by David Lynch that doesn't make any sense until you've seen the whole thing and can piece it all together and understand it for what it is. (Unless someone tells you what it's all about, which I'm not going to do.)

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JP Brown's Lego CubeSolver

"I found out about Fluxx from a friend, then about the other games from your website. I LOVE THIS GAME! Andrew Looney is a genius. I am no longer bored at parties and I can stand people's social annoyances if I can only rope them into a good Fluxx game. Can't wait to try Chrononauts..." -- Marcus, Of Vineland NJ, in comments accompanying an order

Thursday, November 29, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? The Lovely Looney Ladies of KLON

After announcing that purple and orange Icehouse pieces had finally become available, we had to go visit KLON, our partners in plastic, to pick up the goods. Here are a couple of photos from that field trip. On the right is Jessica (the "Looney Girl" as she is known around the factory, since she specializes in working on our pyramids) as she clips the spurs off of a set of freshly manufactured yellow pyramids.

The other picture shows Dot and Barb, a couple of other KLON ladies, as they load finished orange pieces into the new stash tubes we use now. Everyone we met seems to enjoy working on our job... it seems that few of the plastic parts they make are as fun to interact with as our pyramids. Another employee named John (who happens to be engaged to Jessica) made a brilliant save the other day... he pulled a very unique stash of Icehouse pieces out of the trash. We're calling them the Root Beer colored pieces, and we're thinking of putting them up for auction.

Here's what happened: When they switch from one color to another, they end up making a few sets of pieces in strange, transitional tints. Usually, they're just ugly and non-uniform, but right in the middle you get a few that perfectly combine the two colors. In this case, purple and orange came together as a wonderful root-beer color. There's really only one stash that captures the color well enough to keep, and John saved it for us. Who wants it?

Thanksgiving was great... we had a fine time overeating and hanging out with the families. Rash flew in for the holiday and it's always fun seeing him, but regrettably, he brought a nasty cold with him, and he felt awful during much of his visit. He apologized in advance for passing it along, but I tried to be hopeful about not catching it. Sure enough though, two days later I felt my head swimming, and now we all have Rash's cold. And it's a bad one... my throat is so aggravated that I can barely talk, finding it better to whisper than speak out loud. The girls have started referring to me as "Quiet Andy", and make jokes about the silence being refreshing. (If you know me, you'll understand.) But I think the worst of it is now behind me... I did a whole lot of sleeping and I'm feeling not-so-bad right now. My voice is even starting to return!

Playing with Pyramids and the Wunderlist continue to fall behind schedule... while once we'd hoped to have both of these giant projects completed before the holidays, both are only now reaching the first completed Alpha stage. We're still hoping to launch the new website/shopping cart before the end of the year, but we now don't expect the book to debut until Toy Fair in mid-February. Still, we need to keep the pressure on just to meet these adjusted deadlines.

Lastly, we've finally figured out what our little holiday gift product will be this year, and it's quite cool! But of course, I can't speak of that any further right now. I also finally came up with a good cover story for this year's Geronimo Inquirer, but again, I can't tell you about that.

AndyHave you played any games today?

the story so far

Thought Residue
Assets from Iron Crown Enterprises were sold off in a bankruptcy auction, and the buyers (a wealthy long-time fan and several former ICE employees) are reviving the company!
Kristin has been experiencing a lot of pain and weirdness in her hand this week. As you may recall, she seriously injured it last summer; she's since regained full usage, but not full sensitivity. She figures the recent pains are the nerves in her still numb fingers finally re-establishing contact up the arm...
"Throughout the federal government, agency after agency is shifting priorities in order to fight the war on terrorism. Except, apparently, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Amazingly, the biggest news out of the DEA since September 11 has been a massive new crackdown on drug users whom we know not to be associated with terrorist suppliers: medical-marijuana users. Can't the DEA or Congress find a better way to use the DEA's resources?" -- Dave Kopel, in his National Review column this week, entitled "Wasted"


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