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The Wyfern

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wyvern (wiv'-ern) n. a mythical creature often depicted heraldically as a two legged winged dragon with a barbed tail.

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Scary Movie 3 :)

A three Ring circus
using crappy films as Signs
of inspiration.

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"At the dull party (Setting), the host is unpopular (Problem). Andrew Looney (Character) arrives with Nanofictionary (brilliant Resolution)." -- from the capsule description of Nanofictionary, as printed in Games Magazine, in this year's Games 100 listings

Thursday, November 6th, 2003
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? I'm Too Busy Even To Think Of A Title

This beautiful Looney Labs pumpkin was carved by Alison. It's just one of the many beautiful Jack-o-Lanterns created at our house this year, but since I haven't had time yet to build a fancy album of pumpkin photos, this is the only one you get to see this week.

What have we been so busy with? Well, besides celebrating Halloween and my birthday (gasp! I'm 40!) and getting ready for this weekend's LollaGazebo (gasp! I have to start packing!) we've mainly been working hard to prepare for the impending releases of IceTowers and Stoner Fluxx. (gasp! They'll be arriving soon and we have so much work still to do to get ready for the product launch!)

Anyway, there's lots more I could say about these and other projects, but I just don't have time...


Don't Forget to Play!

the story so far

Sorry, no Iceland cartoon this week... I'm just too busy!!!

Thought Residue
"At last, the homeland is secure from Chong, a 65-year-old comic whose merchandise spared potheads from fumbling with rolling papers. Could there be any greater triumph for public safety than that? And in this peaceful world and placid nation, taxpayers can rest assured that officials are using their hard-earned cash as wisely as possible. Recall that Chong and 54 others were busted in Operation Pipe Dreams, a Feb.  24 crackdown on the drug paraphernalia industry. That project involved 1,200 local, state and federal authorities, the Drug Enforcement Administration estimates.  These professional sleuths could have pursued al-Qaida instead, but what would that have accomplished?" -- Deroy Murdock, "Arresting Tommy Chong Won't Boost Support For Faltering War On Drugs"

"We must now move on, in order to maximize our Experience Potential." -- a remark from Russell that became our mantra in Amsterdam as we went from one coffeehouse to the next
"A Scheme always trumps a Plan! Remember that, Hooper!" -- Fred Willard's character on the first episode of "A Minute with Stan Hooper" (after previously telling Stan that his own Plan was actually a Scheme)


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