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yoni (yonn'-ee) n. a representation of the external female genitals, regarded as the symbol of Shakti. adj. yonic. (this would be the opposite of phallic, presumably).

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Elf :)

For Will Farrell fans,
a funny romp through New York.
And some Christmas stuff.

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Dead Silence in the Brain
by Mack White

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Okay Pants

"It's an excellent game. It's one of our best sellers in the store. More than that, personally, I love it. Tremendously." -- Tonya of Games of Berkeley, explaining why stores love selling Fluxx, as quoted in our newest packet of Buyer Information

Thursday, December 18th, 2003
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Kristin's Back (and so is Xmas)

With December 25th now just one week away, we are of course quite busy, so I'll keep this short. Preparing for the holidays is obviously one of the main things on our minds right now, but even as we're planning for next week's parties, we're also looking ahead to next year's activities. As I mentioned last week, I've started obsessing on something new I've started designing (currently codenamed Secret Project 76-EAC) and the planning for next summer's Big Experiment #5 is now in full swing (contact Russell if you want to get involved). Meanwhile, Kristin has finally launched a project she's been trying to find time to work on for months, which will hopefully get Fluxx into a bunch of mid-range retail chains over the course of 2004.

Kristin (who incidentally had a root canal today) just got back from a working weekend with our Sales Guru, Ali. Together they put together a really slick 12-page sales pitch for Fluxx, aimed at a select group of buyers Ali is targeting. Here you see Kristin and Ali showing off the binders they put together and started mailing out just before Kristin got on the airplane headed for home, and below is a glimpse of what's on the inside:

Anyway, I've got lots of gifts to make and more shopping to do, and I still haven't finished writing Geronimo Inquirer #8, so that's all for now. We'll be busy next week, so please come back for the next update on January 1st. Thanks for reading, and Happy Holidays!
Have a great time during National Play Week! (and don't forget to play!)

the story so far

Thought Residue
Fluxx is now the 13th best-selling game of All-Time at the FunAgain.com website! Pretty soon we'll be in the Top 10!

"The core of my interest in fascism is closely connected to my work in trying to understand the motivations of right-wing extremists, because my experience was that in most regards many of these folks were seemingly ordinary people. And I was furthermore intrigued by the historical phenomenon of the Holocaust, particularly the problem of how a nation full of ordinary people could allow such a monstrosity to happen. I'm interested in fascism as a real-world phenomenon and not an abstract and distant concept." -- David Neiwert, "Rush, Newspeak and Fascism: An exegesis"
"Imagine an alien suddenly dropped into the 21st century America. He goes to a Monday night football game and witnesses thousands of people guzzling a liquid refreshment as fast as vendors can supply it. Observing the spectacle of the game itself, the alien is constantly distracted by fans whose behavior seems to become more and more bizarre. He watches as fights break out between half-naked fans with painted bodies. By the end of the contest, on the playing field, he notes that most of the people around him seem to have lost their ability to walk and for some reason, their speech has changed. Words are less audible. They seem to be talking in slow motion. Once the game is over, he watches the fans stumbling toward their cars, cursing and threatening other fans. Clearly, the alien observes, something has caused these fans to have a mind-altering experience. But whatever is going on, it seems to be acceptable behavior for this society, because all the while, many police officers observe the behavior, but remain at a distance and don't interfere. The next day, the alien attends a lecture on a college campus. After the lecture, he's invited by some students to a party. At the party, students are sitting around drawing smoke from a bottle-like structure with water in it. The smoke is inhaled into their bodies, the conversation is friendly, calm and respectful, and music is playing in the background. But all of a sudden, many police officers arrive with guns, grab the water-filled bottle, put handcuffs on everyone in the room, and take them off to jail. The alien is totally confused. Welcome to the United States of America, the land of hypocrisy." -- Jesse Ventura, on his talk show


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