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Thursday, December 27th, 2007

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The Island  :)

Nice little island,
as long as you can ignore
the James Bond physics.

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"I didn't dare to dream that Fluxx could be possibly improved further. That is until I played Zombie Fluxx! Freaking awesome game play." -- email from Eddie J

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And a Happy New Bag!

Have you been having a good holiday season? We sure have! Lots of parties, lots of gifts, lots of fun. Everyone seemed to like the gifts we've been giving away and I love the gifts I received. Thanks, everyone! To name just a few favorites:

  • Kristin got me a truly impressive supply (even more than are shown here!) of my favorite holiday candy (Madeline-brand solid milk chocolate Christmas spheres)
  • Robin gave me one of those little blowtorches for use in making Creme Brulée
  • Fellow game company owner Kate Jones got us an awesome Zombie sculpture
  • We all got these really cool matching T-shirts which say "NONCONFORMISTS CLUB"

Then there's Owlsly, this really cute stuffed animal my goddaughter Sharon gave me, which she made out of recycled socks. Isn't he charming?

But the coolest thing I got this year is a new custom-made shoulder-bag created for me by Alison. You see, I'm into luggage. (The girls say I have a luggage fetish.) I love to travel, and I love being organized, and well-organized luggage is the key to successful travel, so nothing beats good luggage. (Tangents that come to mind at this point: My essay on the purple bag of Looney Games, the scene in Joe vs. the Volcano where he buys the ultimate set of luggage, and my favorite magical fantasy object: The Bag of Holding, most memorably depicted as Hermione's little beaded bag. I'd much rather have one of those than a ring of invisibility or a weapon of great power. But I digress.)

Over the years I've always maintained some kind of shoulder bag which I carry around with me everywhere, starting with a book-backpack in school. When Alison dropped into my life I discovered this awesome white shoulder bag amongst her stuff, which she'd made from some canvas she needed to find a use for while she was living in France. I quickly adopted this bag as my own, loading it up with the core set of games, my camera, and other stuff I like to have with me wherever I go. If you've ever seen me at a convention you've probably seen me carrying this bag around. (You can see it in this photo from my trip to Amsterdam in 2004.) Anyway, I love this bag so much that I've totally worn it out, which is why I'm so thrilled to have this new one Alison just made for me.

The new bag is modeled on the old one but has loads of great new features. It's made of wonderful recycled materials, namely pieces from several pairs of Alison's worn-out jeans. These materials give the bag something the old one never had, which is internal pockets, and it's loaded with them: seven pockets of various sizes, actual pockets from the old jeans of course. It's SO cool! It's the most totally awesome shoulder bag ever, and I can't wait to have a reason to go someplace with it.

AndyWell that's all I've got time for right now... Thanks for reading, and have a great New Year!

Thought Residue
It came down to the wire but we achieved our corporate goal of exceeding half a million dollars in annual income this year! This represents a major increase in our sales, which have been flat for the past 3 years. Yay team! Yay Zombie Fluxx! And thank you to everyone for buying Looney Labs games!

During the holidays Jeff and I went to see the Edward Hopper show at the National Gallery of Art, and wow was it great. If you're a fan of his work, this is a Can't-Miss... I've been to several such retrospectives and never have I seen one as good as this. It's got everything you could want in a Hopper show, including his greatest, Nighthawks, which rarely leaves Chicago. (Ending the same day (Jan 21) is an entertaining exhibit of the works of David Macaulay, at the nearby National Building Museum.)
I've been having a lot of fun playing Starship Captain with my nephew James. For Xmas I gave him a replica original-series Tricorder to go with the Phaser and Communicator I'd given him last year, and since he just happened to have brought said equipment along with him during his holiday travels, he suddenly became the perfect fully-equipped Starfleet officer. (Gosh how I'd have loved a set of toys like those when I was his age!) I also gave him a copy of 3HOUSE and was very pleased at how well he did in his first game of Binary Homeworlds. Someday I'll bet he'll be able to beat me at this, my favorite Icehouse game.