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Thursday, September 10, 1998

First, the New Stuff:

  • Free postcards!
  • Chapter 50 of the Empty City, a little chapter that reflects my dislike of the telephone (and my love of the answering machine)

This weekend we went to an art opening for a show called Images of Nepal, by Carla Beaudet. Carla is the woman who remodeled our bathroom 5 years ago (with a design that includes a huge tile mosaic of a tree) and we haven't seen her since; apparently she's been off having adventures. Her stuff is cool - she describes her medium as "photographs embedded in sculpture" - so check out her show if you're in the area. It runs until Halloween at an internet cafe in Baltimore called Cafe Pangea.

If you had asked me last week if I'd ever seen the film Planet of the Apes, I'd have said yes. However, this weekend we'd tuned in to AMC's Apes movie marathon, and I suddenly realized that I'd only ever seen various sequels, never the original. What a great movie! I've never been much of an Planet of the Apes fan before; now I realize that I've been judging the original by its sequels, a tragic mistake given that, as usual, the sequels are greatly inferior to the original. Looking back on it all now, I think the sequels weakened and cheapened the original.

The problem with Pop Tarts is that they come in packs of two. Even if you'd be satisfied with just one, you usually eat them both, since that other one won't stay fresh unless you put it into a plastic bag and who wants to go to that much trouble when you can just eat the other one? Well, Robin recently clued me in to her solution to this problem: Put the extra tart in a zip lock baggie, and when you later eat that tart, leave the empty baggie in the box, for handy re-use on the next packet. Transfer the baggie to the next box as needed, and you'll never waste a baggie nor will you ever again have to eat two Pop Tarts when you only wanted one. It works great! It even allows you to have 2 different types of Pop Tarts in one serving (for those times when you do want the full serving, but with more variety).

Fresh thoughts in my brain this week:

  • Speaking of Pop-Tarts, they're changing the box design, and I for one don't like it.
  • If money were no object, what would you feed your pets?


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