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Into The Unknown

When Scorpio-5 landed at Cydonia, few believed they'd find alien artifacts. But they did. The ancient pyramid contained the still-operational inter-dimensional doorway through which the original population had apparently abandoned Mars. But where'd it lead now? Earth? The future? "Empty space" wasn't the answer Commander Thompson expected as he leapt through the portal...

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"It's slowing down. You gave my computer a virus." - me

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congeries (kon'-jer-eez) n. aggregation; collection

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Mimic :-(
Tries to mimic films
about Aliens, but drowns
in fire and stage goo.

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The Iron Giant

OK, so it's 1957 and a 100 foot tall robot lands in the woods behind your house. You befriend the robot, but of course the Army just wants to destroy it, so where can you hide him? Out at the junkyard where the beatnik artist lives, of course! This thoroughly entertaining animated film is full to the top with Great Stuff, and the complete lack of sappy musical numbers was an unexpected plus.

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Fruits of Chaos
Rubber Neckties
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Out Of Fika

Thursday, April 6, 2000
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? ToasterCon 2000 Report

OK, so over the weekend, we ran a little gaming convention in our house. We decided that we just weren't getting in enough gaming time, and that the only way we'd ever play through the giant pile of new games we need to test for would be to set aside an entire weekend for that very purpose. So, we invited the WTS gang over for a 3 day gaming event we called ToasterCon 2000, and it was a great success!

All told, ToasterCon 2000 was attended by 25 people, though only about half of them actually spent the entire weekend playing games with us. Of these, half a dozen were out-of-towners, taking us up on our offer of crash space, and providing us with game-playing company pretty much non-stop. As for the new games, we succeeded in trying out 21 of them, which still leaves quite a few in the pile, but since we all felt the need to sneak in a few games of our own every now and then, this was all we could manage.

Unfortunately, we found a lot of the new games disappointing. We made up little evaluation forms, which our testers filled out after playing a new game, and after going over them tonight, there are only 4 games that really stand out as being Great Games worth adding to our e-store: King's Cribbage, Pick Two, Zoki, and (surprisingly enough) a fishing card game called Anglin' Action. (You can look forward to seeing reviews of these games here, in the coming weeks and months.) There were about 4 others that fell into the A-/B+ category (which means they might still get in, after we play them a couple more times) but all the rest fell into that mediocre center of the bell curve (with 3 or 4 coming in as total duds).

As for our own game playing agendas, I finally started showing off the prototype of my new card game, codenamed Secret Project 39-C, and it too was a tremendous success. Overall, the concepts met with great approval, and I got tons of valuable playtesting comments. I've already re-worked my prototype deck considerably, based on this feedback, and now the game is better than ever! Also, as I said, we played lots of pyramid games, both old favorites like Zarcana and new inventions like Kristin's Volcano and the Other Kristin's Ice Cube. Eeyore brought along his really cool triangular chessboard panels, which can be used to form a beautiful 3-player chessboard (as well as a 6 player board, and even a 2 and a 4 player board), and when we combined that with the forthcoming black and clear pieces, we were able to try out 6-player Zagami! Plus of course, there were many great rounds of Kory's new masterpiece-in-progress, Zendo.

Anyway, it was a totally great weekend. We played tons of games, and even managed to do some planning for Origins and other upcoming events and projects. Everyone seemed to have had a great time, and although we were certainly ready to have our house back by the time the weekend was over, we weren't even really driven all that crazy. Who knows? We might even do it again next year.

AndySo, how was your weekend?

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Thought Residue
"HINT: The game space the game button is moved to should be the game space it is most advantageous to move the game button to." -- from the Rules for Pentagonia: The Board Game
Have you seen this commercial where a woman puts an entire angel food cake into her dishwasher, and the dishwasher soap being advertised completely dissolves away the cake? Man, what a waste of cake!
I knew that we'd arrived, as a game company, when we got our first letter from a hopeful game inventor, asking us to consider publishing the Great New Game they'd created. But that was long ago; now we get an email like that, on average, every 6.78 days.

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