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Interfering with History

Suddenly, in mid-warp, John's malfunctioning old time machine exploded, vaporizing his physical form but depositing his consciousness in the overlapping person in real time-space. Eventually, long after Gina's nervous breakdown, the two struggling personalities became reconciled. United within her, they chose a new name: Ginohn. And that's when the Time Police stepped in.

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"The only solution is more coffee," I say out loud to myself, and squeeze some honey into my cup.

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umbrageous (um-bray'-juss) adj. 1a. shady 1b. filled with shadows 2. inclined to take offense easily

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Rear Window :-)
It's like having James
Stewart sitting beside you
in a mystery.

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Rear Window

This 1954 Jimmy Stewart classic is Hitchcock's second or third best film, and it's another great film to half-watch in the middle of the night. Jimmy plays an injured photographer who stays up late spying on his neighbors, and thinks he sees Raymond Burr murdering his wife in the apartment across the courtyard. Makes an excellent double feature with Vertigo.

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Thursday, March 30, 2000
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Not Much To Say

This week, I don't have much to say. For one thing, since last week's Saturday night update was itself late, part of my news from this week was covered last week, in the GAMA trip report. And then, as soon as we'd caught up from being out of town, I dug in to work on an all-new, full-scale, digitally-mastered prototype of the new game I'm inventing, code-named Secret Project 39-C. I had to pull an All-Dayer (remember, I work the grave shift) in order to finish it by now, but it's done and it's beautiful and it's been working great in limited tests with Kristin and Alison. (As I hammered away through the night on Monday, I vowed to finish the new prototype before going to bed; but when I hit the 38th hour, I had to give up on that goal, and the deck wasn't done until the next day.) Anyway, tonight, I plan to swear to secrecy my friends in the WTS, and let them begin the second round of playtesting. For those of you who aren't going to be seeing the new game soon, I apologize again for being so annoyingly secretive about it... we just don't think it wise to announce our plans to the industry until we're sure we're actually on the verge of printing the game. I probably shouldn't be talking about it at all, but it's basically the only thing I've been thinking about this week, and I'm just bursting with excitement about it. Of course, I also don't like to reveal too much about a new project until it reaches a certain stage of completion. But the good news is, the design is now finished enough that I'm willing to start letting certain people see it, so henceforth, if you see me in person (and agree to keep the name and subject matter of the game secret until such time as I decide how to announce it here on the web) I'll let you play a game of 39-C with me. As for the rest of you, I appreciate your patience.

AndyAll Hail the Internet!

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Thought Residue
Today is Alison's Birthday. Happy Birthday, Alison!
We're starting to see images from the upcoming film adaptation of Battlefield Earth, and I have to say, I'm mighty disappointed with the humanlike appearance of Terl and the Psychlos. I suppose that was inevitable, with a big star driving the production and wanting to look like himself on the big screen, but man, it's a blow. Klingons look more like Psychlos than these guys will. So, I'm still excited about it, but I'm also filled with dread...
Well, I have one of the new $1 coins, and while it's certainly an improvement over the Susan B (it's gold in color and has a smooth edge) it's still a disappointment. The back is boring compared to the eagle on the moon motif, and it's still about the same weight as a quarter. So I still think it's gonna be a hard sell. (The Brits got it right when they made their coin super-thick, while also discontinuing the paper equivalent.)

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