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"He asked if anyone had Glaucoma in the family."
"Yeah, well, Mom had it."
"She did?"
- me and Dad (via phone)

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lovat (luv'-utt) n. a predominantly dusty color mixture (as of green) in fabrics

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For many years, Vertigo topped my ever-under-revision list of top ten favorite movies, and it's certainly at the top of my list of 5 favorite Hitchcock movies. But it's vital that you know nothing about the storyline going into it... a lot of why this film has been such a favorite of mine is the memory of the impact it had on me the first time I saw it, when I knew basically nothing about it except that it was Hitchcock's lost masterpiece, re-released at last. I was absolutely blown away by it. It's a different movie altogether the second time through - and similarly, not the same at all if you know what happens in advance. And it's even been recently restored! You owe it to yourself to see Vertigo sometime, if you haven't.

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Thursday, June 29, 2000
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? ChronoRules, Posters, Icehouse Assembly, & Ralph Nader

With Origins now just 2 weeks away, we're starting to go bonkers, trying to get everything on our list finished up in time. And it seems like we just keep adding more to the list! But even though we're feeling harried, things are going great. Origins is gonna rock! New stuff we've ordered for debut at the show has started to arrive, including the Tirade promo nickels (which look great), the new, improved, and totally beautiful chessboard bandanna designed by Alison (I haven't updated the Black Ice page yet, but we've already starting including the new bandannas), and the tags (yes, just the tags) for the Big Bag of Looney Games.

Of course, the biggest item remains the production of my new game Chrononauts. Last week we got the card printing underway (and we've already seen proofs, which look great) but I hadn't had time to begin writing the actual rules until this week. And it was a big job, too. But I'm pleased to say they came together really well, being both concise and entertaining (at least in my opinion... tonight I'll start seeing what the proofreaders have to say).

To promote Chrononauts at Origins, we'd been thinking to make a new postcard to hand out, and a few weeks ago I posted the design for it. But this week I had a better idea. Since all we'll have at Origins is a limited number of Beta release copies (the actual product won't be out until Oct 1), it's really too early for a postcard campaign. So instead, we're using the postcard idea for an 11x17 mini-poster! Kristin's already been looking into making little posters like this, since we're creating a Fluxx poster (with the design you see here, which we also finalized this week), for inclusion in a Fluxx/Aquarius demo kit we're planning to make available to stores later this summer. Most of all, while providing us with a cooler Chrononauts promo items for Origins, the poster will also be used as part of the packaging for the Beta release edition! This is roughly akin to using a small rock to drive a couple of birds away from a bush, because it saved us having to format the actual rules as an 11x17 sheet, an earlier plan that was becoming increasingly harder as I got later and later with the rules. (In fact, thinking up this scheme allowed me to slip the schedule on the rules text for an entire week!)

We also ran the Icehouse factory a couple of times this week. Since we currently assemble all Icehouse sets ourselves (using boxes of components that have been filling up every corner of the house for months but which we can now start storing at our new warehouse space), we needed to create more inventory so that we'll have plenty of sets to sell at the convention. Happily we still have friends who are willing to help us with this grunt work as long as we feed and entertain them, so thanks again to Kory and John and Gina and Renee and especially Zarf and Dale, who drove in special from distant cities just for the event. And remember, if there's a piece missing from your set, it's probably John's fault. (On the other hand, if you're missing a book, I'm the one to blame...)

Lastly, over the weekend I stumbled in on CSPAN coverage of the Green Party Convention, and became completely absorbed by it. The more I listened to Ralph Nader and the people who spoke about him, the more impressed I became, both with the man and the new party he's leading. I had already been interested in the Green Party, ever since I heard Steve Gaskin had aligned himself with that group, but watching the convention was like a religious experience for me. I've been writing material for a new essay ever since, which I'd hoped to have ready to post this week, but with everything else that's going on, I just couldn't manage it. But the bottom line is that we've gone Green and Looney Labs is hereby endorsing Ralph Nader as our choice for the next president!

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Thought Residue
"If you can stomach the hypocrisy of government unlawfully exempting the two deadliest drugs, tobacco and alcohol, from every drug law, while refusing to allow cannabis to be used for medicinal purposes, vote for a Republican or Democrat. If you think it is OK that the government can throw people in jail for years or decades, steal their homes, cars, cash, and other assets, and even kill them, for growing plants, vote for a Republican or Democrat. On the other hand, you might consider voting for a candidate of some other party, such as: Libertarian, Green, or Natural Law." - "Major Parties Equally Dismal" by Tom Barrus
"Given the tens of billions of dollars that have been spent on the failed War on Drugs year after year, we are entitled to ask of the perpetrators, 'What is your standard of failure?'" - Green Party Presidential Nominee Ralph Nader
"Let's call the Drug War what it is: Ethnic Cleansing American Style." - Green Party Presidential Candidate Jello Biafra

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