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I think it's wonderfully surreal: 4 guys are chosen to portray 4 guys who are chosen to portray 4 guys who are in a rock band that is the focus of a TV show that is the focus of a made-for-tv movie. Yes, it's another VH-1 rockudrama, this one devoted to the creation, and self-destruction, of the Monkees. And again, if you weren't a fan of the original, the recreation probably won't mean much to you. But I was amused. And I even learned a few things. For instance, [more]...

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Thursday, July 6, 2000
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Heading into the Final Stretch

Well, it's July, and that means we're into the final stretch of our epic preparations for the upcoming Origins trade show. As you might expect, if you follow this site and know how much new stuff we're trying to get ready for this event, we've been operating at maximum speed for the last few weeks, and we're getting messages from Scotty down below, advising us that the ship can't take much more of this. (See, my writing isn't even make much sense anymore. Egads, we're busy. I need a nap.)

Anyway, over the past couple of weeks, Kristin's been placing lots of purchase orders, and all week new stuff has been showing up, most notably the Chrononauts cardsheets, which are absolutely beautiful. (We're calling this a Beta release, but don't let that fool you, the quality is gonna be great.) We've also received the new purple tote bags we're calling "the Big Bag of Looney Games", which also look beautiful, as well as lab coats, a new batch of buttons, the Paper Icehouse books (finally!), and the posters I described last week. It's so exciting! But as boxes of stuff arrive, they just add to our work load, since we've got to get all this stuff organized, and then built into products and such. So, we've been doing lots of hand collating work, counting out Paper Icehouse cards and Chrononauts components and stuff like that, and special thanks go out this week to Heidi, who's not only been helping us with all this assembly work, but also wrote for us a fabulous new Press Release! (Thanks Heidi! You rock!)

Also, as you can see from the What's New list this week, we've been putting a lot of work into the front pages of the website. It was woefully out of date, and since we're expecting to get a lot of new traffic as a result of the new press release, we really had to get these pages updated this week. And of course, that always ends up being a bigger job than it seems like it oughta be.

Anyway, between all that and the Fourth of July, we've just been too busy to breath this week, and we're not out of the asteroid field yet. (Scotty! We need more power!)

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"The War on Drugs is probably the greatest domestic catastrophe that has ever struck the American republic." -- Libertarian Presidential Nominee Harry Browne
"Are you gentlemen aware that shirts are being made from hemp, which are then being boiled down for the resin by teenagers who then mix the residue with alcohol to create marijuana?" -- Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey, proving once again that he's either the stupidest or most dishonest man in America today
I really hate getting spam that starts off by saying "This is not spam."

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