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"Our National Security is Threatened by Zeppelins!"

The military usefulness of their Zeppelins was widely regarded as a key to the early German victories of WWII. But what if something had happened, before the war, that crippled the airship industry? The sabotage of the Hindenburg was intended to shorten one war, but to the Time Traveler's dismay, it instead triggered another: Korea.


'My suggestion is Gnostica. Any better ideas?' - me, in an email

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Happy Texas :|
Two convicts escape
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Dial H for Hitchcock

This documentary about Alfred Hitchcock and his films is great, but in good conscience I can only recommend it to those who've already seen the lion's share of Hitch's masterpieces. If you have, this retrospective of his work if fabulous - you get to see all the best scenes from all the best movies in a two hour thrill ride of cinematic nostalgia, with a lot of fascinating biographical information along the way; but if not, it's a giant spoiler-fest. Avoid it until you've done your homework.

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Thursday, August 17, 2000
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? In the Grips of Final Production

As I explained last week, we are in the midst of the countdown to our Chrononauts production deadline, the day by which we must submit all the final artwork and printable elements to our card printer in order to have the game in stores this fall. The deadline is now just a week away. But while the pressure is making our heads feel like they're gonna explode, things are moving right along and we hope to be mostly on time.

The playtest was of enormous benefit to the project, and a variety of additional tweaks and changes, including a couple of new cards and characters, are being made, making what has already been proven to be a great game that much better. You can read all about the newest changes in Playtest Report #2.

The card sheets themselves are now well underway, and all of the really complex cards (i.e. the TimeLine) have been re-implemented in color. The main work still to be done here is on the Artifacts... as you can see from this trio of great looking colorized dinosaurs, Alison been doing a wonderful job of colorizing the black and white sketches, but it's a big job... as of this writing, she's only got about half of them done.

And then there are the rules. I was hoping to have the final draft of the text ready to post here today, but just didn't manage it. Nevertheless, this is my next big priority... just as Alison is working feverishly to finish up what I need, namely the final artifact images, so that I can do the final card sheet layout, I too am working feverishly to finish up what she needs, namely the final text for the rulebook, so she can do the final layout on that. Hopefully, I'll get that done in the next day or two; I'll send a message to the Chrononauts mailing list when the final rules text is available for proofreading online.

And then, we'll have to quickly design some packaging!

Anyway, things are going great but the pressure is really on right now. Since our deadline is next Thursday, be advised right now that next week's edition may be late.

AndyRemember Peter McWilliams!

the story so far

Thought Residue
Kristin has invented another Icehouse game, and I like it even more than Volcano! She's calling it Blockade, and it's kind of a cross between Backgammon, Volcano, and Peaceful Resistance. It's only for 2 players and you need Black Ice and dice. We'll try to get the rules up soon!
"Gene Roddenberry told me that while he was creating Star Trek, the network and the production company put enormous pressure on him to include cigarettes on the starship Enterprise. They tried to get Roddenberry enthused about how cigarettes might look in the twenty-third centry. Maybe they would be square instead of round; perhaps they would come in colors; perhaps cigarettes would light themselves!" -- Peter McWilliams, Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do, page 592 (Geez, can you imagine it? Sulu and Chekov looking like the flight controllers in Apollo 13, smoking like chimneys as they operate their consoles?)
"If the personal freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution inhibit the government's ability to govern the people, we should look to limit those guarantees." -- President Bill Clinton (seen quoted on

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