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Trouble on the Mountainside

"Death!" Chris cried triumphantly. Flashlight beams danced together on the plastic floor as rain pattered lightly on the canvas above. "Death by Chocolate means I win!" Suddenly there were noises outside. Everyone froze. A face peered in through the flap. "Lights out was an hour ago," said the scoutmaster, "and... hey, Fluxx! Can I play?"


Hiking down a steep, rocky mountain trail. Rick Dutton and Chris Welsh are debating. Rick says, "You think, 'if I can figure out this mathematical theorem, I can be alpha wolf.'"
"Not at that moment," says Chris.

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obtund (obb-tund') v. to reduce the edge or violence of; dull

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The Cell :)
Silence of the Lambs
on a real bad acid trip.
Not for the squeamish.

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Next Year

OK, so it's a video by the Foo Fighters, not a movie, so what? Do you have any idea how busy I've been this week? Anyway, in their latest video, the Foo Fighters (Do they fight foo, or do they fight with foo? I can never remember...) take a trip to the moon, a feat accomplished by digitally inserting their singing mugs into a beautiful 3 minute montage of stock footage. It's great stuff, and the song's decent too. (The girls laughed at my NASA fanboy geekiness when I pointed out various technical inaccuracies in the video, but one does have to wonder how 4 guys could go to the moon in spacecraft design to hold 3...)

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Jump The Shark
Fruits of Chaos
Money Origami

Friday, August 25, 2000
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? The Cardsheets are Done!

Regular readers of this site know that for months we've been feverishly developing a new card game called Chrononauts, and that our major delivery deadline was yesterday. And I'm happy to say that we succeeded! The final art files for all the cards and the rules are done and are in the hands of the printers. So we're still on schedule for our Halloween launch!

I'm not saying it wasn't difficult. We all had to put in some long hours. I spent the final 29 hours before the last FexEx pickup awake and working, fiddling with the cardsheets until the very last minute. And of course, as soon as Kristin had gotten the final art files onto zip disks and out the door, I realized I'd made a Hubble-Mirror scale error in the layout which would have actually crippled the game (some of the missions and IDs would have had their cardbacks reversed); but luckily for us, Carta Mundi had a massive power outage yesterday, taking the entire plant down for the day, and since no one there has yet had a chance to look at our files, we can send them an updated one and suffer only the extra FexEx charges.

Anyway, we're about as busy as can be here, and even though we've met a major deadline, our workload isn't getting any lighter just yet. We still have to design the packaging... hopefully we'll get the templates for those from Carta Mundi today, so that we can work on it this weekend. But as you can hopefully see from these thumbnails of the new card sheets, it's all going to be worth it. (They're too small to properly appreciate here, but the new colorized versions of the Artifact pictures, which Alison slaved away on all week long, are absolutely gorgeous.)

AndyRemember Peter McWilliams!

the story so farSorry, not only is this update late, but there's no cartoon, either. One thing that made the final day of our deadline hell extra hellish was a computer failure that, for awhile, had me in desperate fear that the art files I'd been working on for a long time (i.e. since the last backup) might have been lost. The mac came back to life after all and I got my files off of there, but something did nevertheless addle the system's brain; Netscape and Photoshop now no longer run, for reasons our overworked IS department can't yet fathom. And no Photoshop means no scanner means no Iceland or Sketchbook Harvest this week. Sorry!

Thought Residue
"If you don't stand up for what you believe to be right, regardless of the consequences, you will quickly discover that there is nothing left to believe in." -- George Monbiot, "A Vote For Nader Is A Vote For Bush. So Be It."
"We had a coffee moment one day where we realized that our contemporaries are basically the biggest wealth-generating generation of all time and they're all tokers. These are not the slackers that everybody thought they were--and they're all forced to toke in their basement." -- Tim Freccia, one of the founders of iToke
"No man has ever said 'no thanks, I had french fries with lunch.'" -- James Lileks

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