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Waiting To Become My Future Self 2

I met myself once... apparently someday I'll use Time Travel to give myself investment advice. But it doesn't work... I bought stock as instructed, and lost everything. I can only assume another chrononaut altered history in a way that bankrupted Microsoft, right after I'd invested. If I get another chance, I'll tell myself about Apple.


We're at a phone booth in the Jupiter section of a space-themed cornfield maze. Zarf says, "Is there in fact a camera visible?"

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collogue (kuh-log') vi. 1) (dial.) intrigue, conspire 2) to talk privately; confer

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eXistenZ :)
The actors' talents
span the spectrum. This happens
to work with the theme.

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Saving Grace

When an inner city youth with no other financial prospects turns to selling marijuana, it's an everyday crime story no one wants to hear; but when an upper-crusty English widow, with nothing but bills left behind by her husband, decides to leverage her orchid-growing expertise into a new career, it's a comedy which I hope a lot of people will go see. I have some complaints about the ending, but overall this film is smart, well-written, well-acted, and above all, funny.

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Modern Ruins
Fruits of Chaos

Thursday, August 31, 2000
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Tuckbox and Time Off

It seems like we've been living at a dead run for months. I guess the last chance we really had to relax was in June, when we spent a few days in Florida with Alison's family. After that, it was the final production push on the beta edition of Chrononauts, plus all the other preparations necessary for Origins, then Origins itself, then the aftermath, and then I had to quickly file a patent, and then it was back to Chrononauts production, this time of the real edition, the bulk of which we finally finished up just last week. That means the next phase is marketing, but this time around we're getting started on that early (i.e. when you're supposed to), which means the game should actually be on store shelves this Christmas! We've been sending out copies of the beta edition (with a colorful new cover sheet that shows off the new artwork) to the sales teams at the distributors who sell our games to retail stores, so that they can try it out in advance and then really sell it to all their retail accounts. (And incidentally, our sales volume has really been picking up lately, and that's been keeping us extra busy too.)

So this week, with our current deadlines mostly met, we've been taking it easy for a much-needed change. I say mostly because we're still finishing up some loose ends, most notably the Chrononauts packaging. Shown here is the near-final artwork for the box the cards will be packaged in, but we still have one decision to make before submitting the final art files to Carta Mundi: What should we say about the appropriate age range for this game? We're leaning towards "ages 11-adult" but if you've got an opinion, now's the time to let us hear it.

Besides that, and mundane stuff like shopping and cleaning up the house, we've mostly been spending the week just goofing off. For example, I fixed the toilet handle that's been broken since spring, but I also repaired (OK, replaced) my long-dead Playstation, which means we've all been spending a lot of time playing videogames. At last I can explore ancient ruins once again, with my favorite fictional female, Lara Croft! We also got hooked on Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey, a game we've had for a while but which didn't run on our cranky old machine. It's a bit grisly but very cool... it's very much Kristin's kind of game, and she and Alison became quite engrossed in it this week. We've also been watching a lot of movies, sleeping in, reading, going to the state fair, and generally just enjoying not having to work on meeting a deadline. How was your week?


Remember Peter McWilliams!

the story so far

Thought Residue
"We are here to demand an end to the shockingly casual placement of dangerous blades in our places of work," -- Tomb Raider star Lara Croft, as quoted in the Onion article, "Video-Game Characters Denounce Randomly-Placed Swinging Blades"
It's disturbingly similar to professional wrestling, but even so I've really been enjoying watching radio-controlled robots duel to the death on Comedy Central's new show, "Battlebots". (And speaking of dueling robots, we heard this week that the ZoidCo guys we met at Toy Fair got the funding they needed!)
"Cash tells no tales and leaves no trails." -- Jorge Cervantes

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