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New this week: Chapter 86, in which Jim gets rid of his pesky television

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ophidian (oh-fid'-ee-an') adj. of, relating to, or resembling snakes.

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When I first saw this epic about the early years of the space program back in 1985, I immediately wished that Hollywood would continue with the story, right on through the moon landings and Apollo 13. Tom Hanks has finally done this for me with "From the Earth to the Moon", but I regard "The Right Stuff" as pre-requisite for that series. (And you'll still have to read the book if you want to find out about Scott Carpenter's fun flight...)

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Thursday, May 13, 1999

What's New?

New Iceland cartoonthe story so far

This week we've been just working our nates off, trying to get Contagious Dreams open for business, and I'm happy to say that we've done it. Yay! Behold, the Wunderland Shopping Center, with advanced-technology-driven, fully inter-connected storefronts, both for the new Contagious Dreams e-commerce store, and the newly revamped Looney Labs online gift shop. You can now browse either store, click to buy things you want as you go, and ring up the whole shopping cart at the end, when you're finished. It rocks!

As I mentioned in weeks gone by, it's all powered by software called ShopSite, which we recommend very highly. But in addition, we've also been writing and adapting other software elements, mostly invisible for you the user, but vital for our operations, including a Panorama script Kristin devised that automatically generates the Contagious Dreams game indexes and review page shells, plus a datafile translator I've been working on, using the scripting language Perl. (Kristin's been trying to get me to learn Perl for years, but I've always been able to weasel out of it... until now.)

Anyway, we're very proud of the new store, and we hope it attracts lots of shoppers. Needless to say, however, this is just the initial build... we've still got lots of new games to test out and add to the store, so check back again in the coming weeks to see what's new.

AndyDon't forget to play!

Thought Residue
"The most precious things I brought back with me were the same things I left with: My 2 best friends. And I realized, when you go through any endeavor, any journey, whether across town or to the moon and back, all that matters is that you share the experience with people that you love. That's what makes life special, 'cause ultimately, that's all there is. That's really all there is." - Alan Bean, fourth man on the moon
How could a ready-for-release song by the Beatles, recorded during the production of Yellow Submarine, have been forgotten about for more than 30 years? If it really is "a real rocker" (as it's been described by a Beatles spokesman) then you'd think someone would have remembered it before now, particularly given all the dredging through of old recordings that was done for Anthology.
Yay! Contagious Dreams is operational!

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