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Ginger's Island

In the updated version, Mary Anne married the Skipper, Ginger moved in with the Howells, and Gilligan shared a hut with the Professor. When the rescue ship finally arrived, there were five additional islanders: Titian, Othello, June, Hildegard, and Bob. When they got back to civilization, the kids formed a band... but their music sucked.

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'I whose mere name has kept this country safe,
I that in early days have driven out
Maeve of Cruachan and the northern pirates...'

- W. B. Yeats, On Baile's Strand

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nimiety (nim-eye'-et-ee) n. excess, redundancy

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A little preachy;
just barely delivered us
from ho hum acting.
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Young Frankenstein

This classic send-up of the classic monster movie is quite possibly Mel Brooks' best film (even though - or perhaps because - he stayed behind the camera on this one). Gene Wilder plays Frankenstein's grandson, who inherits the castle and picks up where grandpa left off. It's a quote-master's must-see, and is required viewing for all Teri Garr fans as well.

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Jitterbug Fantasia
Fruits of Chaos
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Haul Trek

Thursday, November 25, 1999
by the Wunderland Toast Society

New this week:

What's New? Rob's Wedding, Mad Lab Rabbits, and the Impending Holiday Rush

The big news in our community this week is that Rob just got married! The wedding was held at the beautiful Kent Manor Inn out by the bay, and it was a delightful occasion, marked with exquisite food and great live music.

Rob is one of several Toasters who moved out west in the mass migration to Boulder that occurred a couple of years ago, when Magnet melted down. He got together with Aileen out there, but her family lives in our neck of the woods, which is why the wedding was held out here. This meant the rest of the Boulder office was in town as well, and it was great seeing them all again... and finally getting to meet Aileen.

All in all, it was a wonderful wedding... the only snafu I know of is that Hurricane Lenny had just finished flattening their honeymoon destination, forcing them to quickly devise a Plan B. Here's hoping that went off as well as the wedding, and best wishes to them both for many happy years together!

For quite a while now, we've been trying to devise a good fan reward/recognition program, something that would allow us to harness the energy and enthusiasm of our fanbase, and to use that power for Good (never for Evil). And although we still haven't figured it all out, we've decided to go ahead and launch the program, and figure the rest of it out as we go along.

After months of debate, we've settled on calling this loosely-knit team the Mad Lab Rabbits. Alison worked up a great looking mascot character, and we've started a page with initial information on the program, with a survey you can fill out if you're interested in joining up, through which you can give us your opinions and ideas.

One thing we've already been getting requests for (which we already had in the works) is a very compact piece of propaganda, which our Rabbits can keep handy to give away whenever someone is curious about getting their own Fluxx deck or Icehouse set. To this end, we've designed a new Micro-Catalog. It's the size of a business card, and hopefully we'll have them available by this time next week.

Other than that, the main thing on our minds this week has been the impending holiday shopping season. This will be a crucial time for our business, one which we've been preparing for in various ways for quite some time. Even so, we still found ourselves with many little improvements we've been planning to do still unfinished just a few days before the official start of the holiday shopping season. So, we've been hastily adding some buttons to the Shopping Cart pages, clarifying the options for shipping, finally getting that privacy statement written, and otherwise doing a bit of polishing up here and there. And now the store is really looking sharp, and we're just about ready to handle the hopefully-massive holiday rush that, judging by the recent increase in orders, is already starting. Here we go!

AndyWhat games have you played today?

New Iceland cartoonthe story so far

Thought Residue
"All those scientists... they're all alike! They say they're working for us, but what they really want is to rule the world!" - Angry villager, - Young Frankenstein
Advanced Martian Chess: A variation designed to make use of a fifth stash, of black icehouse pieces (but playable with a regular set, too - mix 3 colors, use the 4th as the blacks). Each time a piece makes a capture, a trophy point (marked with a stacked black piece) is assigned to the surviving piece, increasing its value accordingly.
"I saw a truck that said 'Gilligan and MacGonnigal, Construction', and I thought 'Yeah, like I'm gonna let Gilligan do my construction'." - Frank Kanach

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