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Message from a Desert Island

"What would you want most if we were stranded somewhere?" She asked this repeatedly. I assumed she was just making conversation, but actually she was planning an abduction: it's her bizarre idea of a vacation. We've been here for eight months, and I'm going nuts! Now I know what I should have said: email access.

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Christmas on 13th street


"Is it good?"
"Mm hmm."
"I like these onions."

- me and Gina

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glogg (glog) n. a hot punch made of red wine, brandy and sherry, flavored with almonds, raisins and orange peel, originally made in Sweden for serving during the Christmas holiday season

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Toy Story 2 :-|

Great scene, toys fighting
rats in the junkyard -- oh, wait,
that's Toy Story 3.
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The Doors

I've never been much of a Doors fan, but I thought perhaps seeing this film would help me get into their music. Now I'm even less of a Doors fan. Jim Morrison was a jerk.

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Fruits of Chaos
The Case
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Never Never

Thursday, December 16, 1999
by the Wunderland Toast Society

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What's New? Time is Running Out

For kids, the days of mid-December always seem to inch by like time spent in the dentist's chair. But for adults, these days disappear faster than the cashews in a bowl of mixed nuts - you turn around, and suddenly they're almost all gone.

That's kind of the mood of the week here at Looney Labs. With Christmas only week or so away, the crunch is really on now, both in terms of handling the sales at our on-line game stores, and as regards our own holiday preparations.

Whereas we typically fill orders only once a week, we've lately been needing to do it almost every day, what with both the volume and the number of rush service requests we've been getting. So, from here on in, we plan to fill orders every evening. But this of course begs the question: How late can I order and still expect to receive it in time for Christmas?

Our official line is "Order by 12/18 for 12/24 delivery" but that's not a firm deadline. Assuming you choose not to spring for Fed Ex, all orders we receive this week will be sent via Priority Mail, whose 2-3 day estimate seems pretty reliable, even now, at this the busiest time of the year. Ben, across the pond in England, reports that our packages have been arriving in either 2 or 3 days, and when Number 12 called yesterday to suggest hand-carrying an order placed by his father, he learned that dad had already received the package - it had been delivered across town in just one day.

Our contact at the Post Office says a package mailed on the 20th should still be able to get across the country in time for the holiday, and amazingly enough, Priority Mail will be delivered on Christmas Day itself, so if you live on the east coast, you might be able to order as late as the 22nd (or even the 23rd, if you like gambling) and still slide a Fluxx deck into someone's stocking.

To further spur our last minute shoppers on to action, we're running a special (this week only) at Contagious Dreams. If you buy $35 worth of games, you can get a free copy of anything from the CD Bargain page, including: The Big Cheese, Proton, Cosmic Wimpout Dice, and the Origami Icehouse Kit. Just visit the Holiday Special page to claim your freebie.

As regards availability, we haven't run out of anything yet, but we certainly may before Christmas Day. If and when we do run out of a specific item, we will immediately flag it on the website, with a note that reflects the item's backordered status. This means that everything in our catalog is available for immediate delivery unless the description is marked with the phrase "Not Available for Holiday Shipping."

Lastly, thanks to some coding help from Dorian (Thanks Dorian!) we're about to be able to start sending out email notifications whenever we fill a batch of orders. Once that system is in place (hopefully by tomorrow) you will automatically be kept informed about the status of your order. We'll send you an email as soon as one of us takes your package to the Post Office.

Reviews of several of our games (Icehouse, Fluxx, and Aquarius) have been posted at a cool new site called They've got a rating system in place that allows anyone with a browser to add their opinions to the rankings of the games, and since a couple of our games are currently topping their "Top Rated Games" lists, I'm guessing some of our Mad Lab Rabbits have already been stuffing the ballot box. But don' t let that stop you from volunteering your own opinions...

AndyRemember, games make great gifts!

New Iceland cartoonthe story so far

Thought Residue
"This game from respected small-press designer Andrew Looney is nearly legendary." -'s review of Fluxx
Another printing of Fluxx was just completed - in Belgium - and while they've finally managed to get our URL placed on the box, the "I'm terribly sorry" error (see FAQ #5) has mysteriously re-occurred. Grrr.
While doing some Xmas shopping, we finally got to see how this site looks on WebTV... and it's really not bad! It actually seems like a pretty nice way to surf the internet. (I wonder if any of our regular readers are WebTV users...)

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