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"Looney Labs is probably the most creative and interesting game making franchise in the world (okay, so I don't really know enough about game making franchises to say that with any certainty, but bear with me).  Don't be scared off by the games without boards.  I know the card games have a tendency to remind us of the overly simple 'Uno' or of the overly geeky 'Magic: The gathering,' but I assure you there is a middle ground. Fluxx, for example, is a very clever game..." -- Lev AC Rosen, "Your Boy Friday: Games"


Thursday, July 27th, 2006
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What's New?

Farewell, Alvaro!

This week we're bidding farewell (from a payroll perspective) to Alvaro Gonzalez, who's been helping us sell our games, on and off, for over 5 years, first as a free-lance sales associate, later as our part-time Corporate Sales Manager, but always most affectionately as our Sales Baron. Alvaro will be greatly missed!

We first met him when one of Alison's best friends from college, Suzyn Jackson, introduced us to the cool dude she'd decided to get married to. The 3 of us attended their wedding (with Alison being in the wedding party) in October 2001 in New York City, which is where they were living at the time. Given Alvaro's background in sales, we immediately started getting his help on an occasional basis, most notably at the Toy Fairs of 2002 and 2003, when he would come downtown to the Javit's Center for a few days to help us staff our booth.

By the summer of 2005, Alvaro and Suzyn had moved to the DC area (and had a child) and Alvaro finally became a regular member of our team. Since then he's been doing a lot to help us grow and mold our sales department. He's been helping the team get better organized and focused, and has been training Alison, Luisa, and Carol in the fine arts of good sales work. Of course, Alvaro was also a big help at Toy Fair and GTS this past year, when he became a Treehouse-teaching machine!

But Alvaro has found another cool dream to go chase... remember his lovely and talented wife Suzyn, from the beginning of this story? During all of our adventures she's been developing her writing career, and after getting a couple of articles (about knitting) published in books (about knitting), she's been commissioned to write an entire book of her own (about, you guessed it, knitting.) She's got this angle, see, about people who get together to work on group projects, so her book is going to be all about these knitting circles. So she's researching all these groups, and here's how it all ties together: they're also hiring Alvaro to take all the pictures! They're looking for many hundreds of photos to illustrate Suzyn's book (working title: Knit It Together) so Alvaro is going to be traveling all around, taking pictures of people knitting.

Wow! Good luck dude! And thanks for helping us build our sales department!
AndyThanks for reading, and have a great week!

Thought Residue
"I know we tend to think of games as childhood pastimes, but there are many, many adults-only games out there which can provide good fun without the family. Games are really the ideal group activity. Everyone has a good time (unless you're one of those scary ultra competitive people who can't have a good time unless they're winning, in which case, go away), and people actually talk while playing. While I enjoy a good movie night as much as the next guy (probably moreso), talking during a movie can be rude. Talking during a game is expected. Think of all those televised celebrity poker matches you see on the TV:  the people are beautiful, laughing, always having a good time, and exchanging witty banter (or at least trying to).  Yes, you too can be a celebrity.  Just bring back the games night." -- Lev AC Rosen, "Your Boy Friday: Games"

A comparison of the amount of caffeine in various popular products (derived from an article of National Geographic from Jan '05):

  • 25 mg: Hershey's milk chocolate almond bar, 6 oz
  • 40 mg: Espresso, 1-oz shot
  • 57 mg: Coca-Cola, 20-oz bottle
  • 75 mg: Brewed tea, 12-oz cup
  • 92 mg: Mountain Dew, 20-oz bottle
  • 130 mg: Excedrin pain reliever, 2 tablets
  • 200 mg: Brewed coffee, 12-oz cup
On March 1st, Wikipedia hit the million-article mark (with an entry on Jordanhill, a railway station in suburban Glasgow). By comparison, the Encyclopædia Britannica (the gold standard for reference works for the previous two centuries) only has a hundred and twenty thousand entries in its most comprehensive edition. (Learned from a New Yorker article called Know It All.)

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