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Monday, June 6th, 2011

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"Folks at Looney Labs: you've done it again! We ordered Pirate Fluxx and Chrononauts and were not disappointed! Pirate is the new favorite (combining with Monty Python is a riot... outrageous French pirates?) and Chrononauts is a blast. We even commented that, unlike a certain old standard board game of which there are countless "variations" that are really just the exact same game with different names, the variations of Fluxx are different enough to provide actual VARIETY and as a bonus we can combine them for a different game! We continue to recommend it widely to anyone who'll listen. And with six family members and often others around, we LOVE that both games are playable with a group or a few, and that with Fluxx in particular you can just deal in a hand halfway through the game and it doesn't set anyone back at all. Keep up the great work!" -- email from Kory F.

The Rash.Log is on hiatus.

Good Times & Bad News

It's been a crazy month. We've been having some Good Times, and dealing with some Bad News. First the fun stuff: Kristin & I took a vacation to Amsterdam, and she & I & Alison just got back from a great trip to Playa Del Fuego. Check out Pano Galleries #6, #7, and #8 for lots of cool photos of those events.

In other Good News, everything is on track for the upcoming release of Seven Dragons. We got the first demo copies from our printers in Michigan, and they are perfect! And check out the incredible Seven Dragons video Alex Bradley made for us! It's even better than his IceDice video! He really outdid himself on this one!

The game hits stores on June 24th in just a few weeks - tell your local game store you want a copy, or get it on order with us online! If you are in our Demo Team, you can even get an advance demo copy...

Now for the Bad News. First, due to unforeseen circumstances, the relaunch of Looney Pyramids has been delayed. We are diligently working out the details, and hope to announce a revised release date soon. It will probably be several months, but will hopefully still be this year.

The other Bad News is about Origins, the annual convention where we run our "Big Experiment" every summer. We are currently in high gear, getting ready for the event, which is now only two weeks away, and we've just gotten the official word that NEXT year, in 2012, Origins will be held a full month earlier than ever before.

Unfortunately, this is not a good time for us. First of all, the new dates are uncomfortably close to the Memorial Day weekend, a time when there are already at least 4 other major events we have to choose between attending. What's worse is that the date change moves the event from summertime to the school year, and while we don't have children, a huge percentage of our participants and volunteer staff do. Even if they don't bring their kids to Origins, they can't go while the kids are in school. And many are in high school or college and will be studying for or taking finals on these dates, others are teachers who will still be teaching or will be giving said finals. A large percentage of our volunteers will be needing to choose between skipping school and skipping the event, and school will likely win. It takes a huge team of volunteers to run this event, we simply can't hold the Big Experiment during the school year.

Rather than trying to move the Big Experiment to another convention (like GenCon) we have decided to cancel our event for 2012. Maybe GAMA will move Origins forward away from the school year in 2013, and we will be able to come back. Or maybe we'll devise some other plan. But taking 2012 off will give us a chance to concentrate our efforts on our new Fan Club and Demo Team and supporting events for our games at smaller regional conventions.

To sum up:

  • Origins 2011 -- June 23 - June 26, 2011: Big Experiment #12! COME JOIN US IN OHIO!
  • Origins 2012 -- May 30 - June 3, 2012: Big Experiment CANCELED next year
As for what we do in 2013 and beyond... that's a decision to be made later. Maybe the dates for Origins will be moved back into the summertime, and we'll simply have been on hiatus. On the other hand, it's entirely possible that this will be our last time running these events at Origins. Perhaps we'll restart the Big Experiment at another summertime convention, ideally closer to our hometown than Ohio. Or perhaps Big Experiment #13 will be the first standalone Looney Labs convention in 2013. Or maybe we'll just discontinue the Big Experiment altogether. We're putting all the options on the table to consider over the course of the next year -- and we will be asking you for your input/feedback! Please join the Looney Labs Fan Club!

Anyway, if you have always wanted to come out to the Big Experiment at Origins it's not too late: there are still a couple of weeks left to make plans. Come play games with us in Columbus Ohio, June 23-26th, 2011!

AndySo that's what's going on here. Thanks for reading, and have a great Whenever!

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