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Walking through farmland woods on a gravel road with Gina. Booda is far away, running through a field. I say, "Yeah, probably not more than a very short phrase at the bottom, 'cause I don't want the cards to have a lot of text on them".

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faineant (fay-nay-ah(n)) n. an irresponsible idler adj. idle and ineffectual; indolent

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Snatch :)
It'strimly vallent,
eenfar pikers, bet, natbed
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Stairway to Heaven

Also released under the title "A Matter of Life and Death," this classic romantic fantasy is linked in my mind with the Wizard of Oz. Filmed just on the other end of WW2, it reverses that film's color scheme: real life is all in Technicolor, while the scenes that take place in Heaven are in silvery B&W. The story concerns Peter Carter, played by David Niven, a British pilot who survives a parachuteless jump from a crashing bomber (due to the incompetence of his conducting angel) and immediately thereafter falls in love. No longer so ready to die, he refuses to go when his conductor catches up with him, and is eventually granted a full jury trial in Heaven. [more]

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California Mis-Adventure, Part 3: The Dream that was Westcot
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The Bad Boys Of Computer Science

"Okay, time for me to eat crow. You remember that game I said didn't have a chance around here given its theme, packaging, and price point? "Chromonaughties" or something like that. Michael Cox said, "You're gonna to try this, or I'm gonna pimp slap you from here to Waukegan" (only he said it much more politely) and sent me one of Looney Lab's sample copies of Chrononauts. I grabbed a couple of kids in the store and tried it... [puts on bib, pulls up plate] My, but this is a tasty heapin' pile of steamin' crow here. Yum. Yum." -- Chris Aylott, of the Space-Crime Continuum, on Delphi's Game Industry Forum

Thursday, February 8, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Approaching Overload

Conventional wisdom, at least within the game industry, holds that the months just after the holidays are the busiest time of the year other than the holidays, and as you can see from this photo of yesterday's outgoing packages, this is proving true for us. As I mentioned last week, just trying to keep up with the orders takes up so much of our time now that Kristin has begun looking into contracting this work out. Already we are leaving our newest game, Cosmic Coasters, in the warehouse of the company that assembled it for us, since they are vying to get all of our fulfillment business... and they're doing a fine job with it so far. They've been shipping it out to our distributors for us, and already it has started showing up in stores, a week ahead of its official release date. But even so, Kristin is investigating other possibilities, and lots of other companies are interested! Apparently, there are many business within the game industry that do this sort of thing, which means that shopping around is going to be that much harder... but hey, choice is good.

One of the things that's been falling through the cracks in these times of heavy workload is our email. We're getting more and more email these days (even after sorting out the spam) and it's getting harder and harder to keep up with it all. It's gotten so bad that even close friends are starting to wonder if something is wrong, since we haven't been responding to our email with our typical alacrity.

So, we've implemented an automated response. From now on, when you send email to us, you will instantly be sent a canned message by our email robot, Fred-3. While this detracts a bit from the personal touch we like to provide, it's better than getting no response at all, which is an impersonal touch we've been increasingly guilty of. Hopefully, this canned message (which includes the first version of our long-awaited FAQ file) will answer (or point to answers) to whatever's being asked, as well as just providing an acknowledgment to the message.

What questions does our new FAQ not yet answer?

Another way of improving query response time is through the Marketing Support pages Kristin has set up, for Rabbits and Retailers. When someone calls or sends in an email requesting a catalog or some such, it's possible for that request to get set aside and forgotten, particularly when things get crazy; but if an order comes in through our online shopping cart, even an "order" consisting only of free marketing materials, it goes into our (still in-house) order fulfillment system, which puts it on the fast track to being shipped out. This way, stores and rabbits who need catalogs from us can ask for them directly, instead of waiting for us to find time to send such stuff out to everyone. And we've already sent out over a thousand copies of our beautiful new catalog in this way!

AndyReminder: Due to Toy Fair, there will be no update next week. Have Fun!

the story so far

Thought Residue
We received the new Chrononauts T-shirts, and they're flawed! The text accompanying the logo on the sleeve is shifted and overlapping. And of course, there isn't time now to reprint them before Toy Fair, so it looks like we're stuck with them. The printer is trying to make it up to us by slashing the price, so if you pre-ordered one, you can look forward to a discount, since we naturally wish to pass these "savings" on to you...
Why are Star Trek calendars always so full of pictures of the actors, with so few images of starships and space battles? That's the stuff you want to freeze frame on -- the stuff that goes by so fast you can hardly see it. I got a desk calendar this year, hoping that with hundreds of images instead of just 12, the ratio would be better, but no. I wish they'd make a calendar with nothing besides scenes of starships and space battles.
"One of the best and most unique puzzle games ever made" -- that's how they introduce Icebreaker at, a site devoted to making abandonware freely available. Apparently, you can download the complete 150 level version from them, along with a "no-CD crack" designed to override the mandatory CD-style copy protection that the Magnet management insisted on. I've not tried it yet myself though, since only the Windows version is available and anyway I prefer to play it on the 3DO

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