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"Is it exactly one meter?" asks Gerhard Meister, as he gestures toward the Hardy sphere aperture.
"Yeah. That's what I measured," I nod.

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partagium (par-tay'-gee-um) n. a fold of skin between the fore and hind limbs of flying squirrels, flying lizards, etc., enabling them to glide through the air

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Is that me on Sluggy Freelance?
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Not Gonna Take It

Thursday, June 21, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Catching Up After Being Away

Vacations are great except that when you get home there's all this work that piled up while you were away, and you suddenly feel just as overworked and in need of a vacation as you were before you left. With Origins now just two weeks away, we've got a particularly bad case of this post-vacation stress. One casualty of this overload is the slowness with which my report on our trip is being posted... Sorry, but this week, all you get is the overview. I've got dozens of great photos to post, but I've run of out time. I'll be getting to those in the weeks to come.

There's all kinds of other stuff going on too, but I just don't have time to go into the details. More next week!



Have a great summer!

Thought Residue
While in a comic book store on Divisidero, Kristin bought me a new book by the Quit Your Job guy, James Kolchaka, called the Sketchbook Diaries. It's great! Each day for a year he drew a little four panel comic about whatever happened to him that day.
If you live in the Baltimore area, look for an article about us in Saturday's issue of the Daily Record! They sent a photographer out and everything...
Kristin's hand is healing nicely (albeit much more slowly than she'd like). All the scabs and bandages are off, and she's rapidly regaining functionality!

"The timeline alone is incredibly well researched (and I mean that in the sense of bothering to look for connections in history and possible consequences, not simple historical fact. Then again, Andy may actually have a time machine, and be hopping around the timeline, changing events higgledy-piggledy, just to see what the effects are, so that he can create the *most* accurate time travel game possible.)" -- Paul Blake, on the Chrononauts mailing list, 25 Apr 2001


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