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I'm sitting at a big cluttered office conference table with Nick Waring and Andrew Albemonte. Nick says, "So you, you're married now..."
I say, "Yeah."

Cool Words

bear garden (behr' garden) n. 1. a place for bear-baiting or similar pastimes 2. a scene of disorderly conducting or riots. "The City Council meeting degenerated into a bear garden."

Haiku Reviews

Buffalo '66 :)
It hurt to watch this --
everyone in the film was
completely insane.

Daddy-O's Reviews

Sorry, no review this week... Daddy-O started his vacation early.

Tirade's Choice

Students for a Drug-Free White House
#12's Webcomic picks
Exploitation Now

Thursday, June 7, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Getting Ready To Go
Sorry Folks... once again, this article is very short, which is extra lame since there won't be one at all next Thursday. But you know how it is... you're never busier than when you're trying to get ready to leave for a vacation, because not only must you get ready for the trip itself, but there's also all those things you're trying to get finished up beforehand so that you can really enjoy your time off. Anyway, that's what we've been doing this week: finishing up various production tasks (including finally getting the welcome brigade/rabbit membership kits mailed out) and packing for the San Francisco Tour. All of which leaves me with very little time for writing. And now, there's a reporter here to interview us for the Daily Record! So I gotta go. Later!



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Thought Residue

It's so great having help! For months, I've been casually trying to think up a scenario to use as an isolated example of the Chrononauts time travel mechanism (for use in my patent application) without getting much of anywhere; so I asked Dave to come up with something, and he did, instantly! And it's great, too - just what I wanted. And that's what he always does when we ask him to do something!
And then there's Lauren, our pretend employee. The help she's been continuing to provide Kristin during her recovery has been absolutely incredible, and we're really going to miss her when she does finally find a job. (If only there was some way we could afford to just hire her ourselves...)
Thof (thoaf') v. to spill a sugar-based beverage (preferably large) on a gaming table, such that a new and/or expensive parlor game is damaged (or at least made sticky), e.g. "Dang, I thofed Coke on my copy of Shaufenster!" [from an incident involving Eric Celerier (aka Thof) at a meeting of the Zen Pirates]

"Like Button Men, Cosmic Coasters skimps on "game", but makes up for it with "novelty": "yeah it's not the greatest game of all time ... but it's on beer coasters!!" For that reason alone I foresee myself playing Cosmic Coasters as often as any other of my recent purchases. And that's not too shabby for a game that costs about the same as the beer you'll set atop it." -- Matthew Baldwin, in a review of Cosmic Coasters posted to the Games Journal


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