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Sketchbook Harvest


I wonder whether the workers in this restaurant speak Korean or Chinese. I crack my fortune cookie in two pieces and as I pull the shells apart the fortune displays itself: 'You'll accomplish more if you start now.'

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alegar (ail'-uh-gar) n. sour ale; the acid of ale; vinegar resulting from the fermentation of ale.

Haiku Reviews

Shrek :)
It's okay to be
ugly, but short people got
no reason to live.

Daddy-O's Reviews

Star Trek Voyager: Endgame
I lost interest in this series some time ago, but like many wayward fans I tuned in for the big two-hour series conclusion. I found it only reasonably satisfying. After successfully bringing her ship home, Captain Janeway goes back in time to instruct her former self to take a short cut at the 7 year point in their 26 year quest. There are some great scenes with Janeway and her future self, but having decided to commit such a giant violation of the temporal prime directive, why didn't she just go to the beginning of their adventure and undo the mistake that stranded them in the Delta Quadrant in the first place? Oh well, maybe the next series, [more]

Tirade's Choice

Greenbelt Station

Thursday, May 31, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? The Pop-Tart Cafe Rocked!

You know the old saying about the value of pictures as compared to words? At the traditional exchange rate, the two dozen photos in the new Pop-Tart Cafe Scrapbook I just posted are worth 24,000 words, so I think I can get away with being brief here on the top page this week. (Besides, my publication deadline is upon me.) So here is one of my favorite photos from the smashing success we had this weekend, and again I'd like to extend my thanks to everyone who helped make it so, including in particular Dan and 'Becca, Gina, Petra, Emily, Tucker, Nathan, Eeyore, Kory, Jake, Dale, Dave, Alison, and of course, my lovely wife Kristin. Thanks also to the Balticon staff, whose support made our operations wonderfully smooth.

My only regret about the weekend was that we couldn't also attend West Coast Icehouse Tourney #3, but at least we get to read John's vivid account of the events.Andy


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Thought Residue

"The things I dislike about dogs are the same things I dislike about drunken frat boys. They're always slobbering and trying to jump on you." -- 'Becca Stallings
This was the first time Balticon was held on a weekend other than Easter, and it was definitely disorienting, particularly since the feeling of Eastertide was still to be felt here and there: the refreshment tables in the Con Suite and the Green Room were stocked with leftover Easter candy!
I find it terribly ironic that the Supreme Court has decided to make a special exception for a golf star to break the rules of the game, by using a golf cart to ease his sore legs, just weeks after ruling that even people with terminal illnesses cannot smoke pot to relieve their pain, despite the fact that many states have explicitly legalized such use. Never mind compassion or the will of the voters, but Sports Über Alles!

"I finally got my Fluxx today, and after a day's play we have reached a decision... You lot are without doubt the most stark-staring raving bonkers people we've ever bought anything off! Thank you!" -- Matthew, of Reading, UK, in an e-mail to us


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