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"Zendo is a triumph of game design. At once both elegant and engaging, I plan to play it again and again. It's simple enough to be a good party game and complex enough that I have already started designing more deviously 'simple' riddles. This is a game that would make a good gift for kids or those who rarely play games... In short, I had high expectations for a release from Looney Labs, and Zendo did not disappoint. Check it out!" --Gary McBride, reviewing Zendo at RPG.net

Thursday, July 17th, 2003
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Weird Al and The Gaskets

We had a great day last Sunday. A bunch of us went Roller Coastering at King's Dominion, after which we got to see Weird Al Yankovic in concert! And being close personal friends of a close personal friend of Al (Thanks Gina!) we got to go backstage afterwards and hang out with him for awhile! See, here he is giving the hairy eyeball to one of those cute happy flowers we gave him (which we were selling a few weeks ago at Origins and will have more of next week at Gen-Con).

While hanging out talking after the show, Kristin found she had a few NanoBlanks in her purse, so we couldn't resist making up a couple of new cards on the spot. We started by making a Character out of Al (like he isn't already), and while Alison drew a cartoon of Al for that card, Alex (not her brother but that artist guy who's always hanging around Renee) created the lovely Problem card shown below...

The opening act at the Weird Al concert was a local Richmond duo known as The Gaskets. Unlike most opening acts, these guys were actually really entertaining! Their songs were funny and they had many amusing on-stage antics, including running around with the giant fish they're posing with here. (That T-shirt slogan you can't quite read in this picture said simply, "T-SHIRT".) We liked 'em so much, we bought their CD!

For more details on the Weird Al concert, The Gaskets, and the trio of birthday cakes I made last Thursday, be sure to read this week's entry in the GinohnNews!


Have a Great Fortnight!
(No update next week, due to Gen-Con...)

PS - Sorry, I still haven't had time to build a scrapbook from the Big Experiment... but I'll do so eventually!

the story so far

Thought Residue
"Unless you are a drug user or know somebody in the joint, all this may seem far removed from your life. It's not. They're taking money away from your kids' schools to pay for all this, from helping people who are mentally retarded and mentally ill, from mass transit and public housing and more parkland..." -- Molly Ivins, "Fear Of Crack Worse Than Drug Itself"

"This was wishful thinking. Not only has there been no lasting effect on the drug trade, resentment of outside law enforcement in Benton Harbor recently has exploded into riots.  Residents of the crime-ridden and depressed city see police as an occupying force. Outsiders find it hard to believe that residents of dangerous communities -- those most in need of police services -- can be anti-police. Our drug laws create this paradox. The problems that lead to riots stem from the drug trade. Eighty years of failed drug prohibition have destroyed swaths of urban America." -- Peter Moskos, former Baltimore City police officer, "Change Strategy In The War On Drugs"
"I know you're very busy so I'm gonna get right to the point." -- an empty sentence that does nothing but waste my time at the start of a piece of spam... if these people were actually concerned with the fact that I'm busy, they wouldn't send me spam at all, and if they did, it would actually get to the point instead of wasting a sentence talking about getting to the point


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