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"When I got the Zendo boxed set, I was impressed. The box and everything inside is beautiful. I knew what to expect out of the Icehouse pyramids themselves. They are the coolest playing pieces devised for strategy games since chessmen and checkers were invented. Everything in this new Icehouse set has a quality that screams "professionally-made game." Little Looney Labs has come a long way from the flimsy plastic tower-box that housed the original Icehouse game." -- Will McDermott, reviewing Zendo in Issue #2 of Undefeated magazine

Thursday, September 25th, 2003
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Russell and Isabel

This is Russell Grieshop, our new Rabbit Coordinator! He lives in Florida, but this last weekend he was living at Wunderland.Earth, starting to dig in with Kristin to figure out how he can help us get our Mad Lab Rabbit program moving forward again.

Hurricane Isabel left us without power for much of his visit, so we didn't get as much concrete work done as we did the week before, when Ali was visiting,... but we still had a wonderful weekend. It was great to have Russell keeping us company throughout the storm, and the power outage gave us a chance to just hang out and talk about life and philosophy and the big picture vision for the rabbit program.

Our Mad Lab Rabbit demo program has existed for many years, and we have an enthusiastic base of fabulous rabbits... but the software that runs the program has had more false starts than I care to think about. Even now, although the most recent incarnation of the software does work, our most devoted fans rarely bother to ask for points for all the great demo work they do. This is understandable, since there hasn't been anything new in the Dangling Carrot for a really long time. But now that we finally have someone dedicated to managing the program and giving away points, we're started creating cool stuff exclusively for our rabbits! Sorry it's been so long in coming.

You can't actually order it yet, but you can see the pages describing the new Werewolf T-Shirt and the Demo Kit that Kristin and Russell have been working on. This cool new T-Shirt will be available in the Dangling Carrot within the next few weeks, i.e. just in time for all those Halloween Werewolf parties! Russell will be working with the rabbits to make sure they get their rabbit accounts set up (which earns you 10 points!) and asking long standing rabbits to submit a project report describing what they have done over the years so we can grandfather in some extra points.

If the shirt proves to be as popular as we think it will be, we will likely start selling it next summer, when the con season starts up again. But until then, the only way you can get one is for us to give you one for free as a way of saying thank you for helping us promote our games.

For those newer Rabbits, who probably can't come up with more than 10 points quickly (you get 10 points just for setting up a rabbit account with a picture of yourself and a bio), you can get the shirt by paying half in points, and half with cash. (So the 20 point demo kit can be purchased with 10 points and $10.) But like I said... the shirt won't be available or a couple of weeks. Thanks for helping us promote our games!

As far as the storm was concerned, we were quite lucky. Yes, we had to get by without power for a couple of days, but it's always fun to get the candles out... and many of our friends and neighbors had to do without for much longer than us. And our basement didn't flood.

There are other details of the week I could write about, but frankly, I used up all my writing energies on my big new essay, Seven Reasons to Change Your Mind, and on the Official Guide to Looney Labs Promo Cards. So I'm gonna leave you with this lovely photo I took of the 33 candles I set up to work by on the second night of our power outage.


Happy Today!

the story so far

Thought Residue
"The 'We Don't Trust You' political party in America has two wings. They are generally referred to as the left and the right. The left doesn't trust you with your money or your self defense. Wealth and guns drive them nuts. For them taxes are not high enough because the rich are still rich and there are too many armed citizens. The right doesn't trust you to follow the right moral code. Drugs and abortion drive them nuts. The first because the government can't do anything and the second because it won't." -- M. Simon, "People Can't Be Trusted", Sat, 11 May 2002, the Rock River Times

I have fond memories of a Kraft dinner product called Noodles Almondine. It came in a box just like the blue "cheesiest" box, except it was brown. So now I sometimes make an ersatz version of what I remember, by combining a packet of Lipton's chicken-flavored Noodles & Sauce with an unused packet of sliced almonds from a Wendy's Mandarin Chicken Salad. (Now if I could just find a replacement for Lipton's Noodles Romanoff...)
"Nothing says 'I'm an idiot with a pointless opinion' like a window sticker of Calvin peeing on something." -- kilwag of annoying.com


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