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pawky (paw'-kee) adj. artfully shrewd; canny.

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Matchstick Men :)

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"Chrononauts is a winner. I am going to play Chrononauts with every man, woman, and teenager I meet. The play is so clean and elegant, the very few questions that arose were answered on the cards themselves in words AND easy-to-distinguish icons, and you get to kill Hitler, stop the Hindenburg from exploding, and save JFK along the way." -- Todd Derscheid's review of Chrononauts at BoardGameGeek.com

Thursday, October 2nd, 2003
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Renee and Craig

Here you see an advertisement I threw together this week for the Lollagazebo program book. Since they've invited us to be their Guests of Honor, they're also giving us a full-page ad in their program book; but since we don't typically do a lot of advertising, we didn't really have anything ready-made to give them. We thought about various pieces we could re-use, but instead I brainstormed up a few new things and this is the result.

In other news, our house has lately been crawling with employees. There are now 8 distinct desks in various nooks around our house, where different people could all be working at the same time. Because of the way the different shifts overlap, or rather fail to, they have yet to all be occupied at the same time, but even so, it's getting pretty crowded around here at times.

Did I mention yet that we hired Renee? Because we've been going crazy trying to stay on top of our growing business, we've gone crazy with part-time hiring. We still don't have enough income to afford more full-time help, but we can (at least we think we can) afford to hire half a dozen people if we only give them 10 hours a week each. Anyway, the latest is Renee Camus, who's been a friend for many years and now is on our sales team, calling up stores and encouraging them to carry (or carry more) of our products. I've been saying we need someone whose only duties are to call up stores and pitch our games, and I'm really happy to have someone perky and fun like Renee finally doing exactly that, even if only for a few hours each week.

Meanwhile, we're also bringing in Craig Forbes, to help with the never-ending saga that is the programming of SuperFRED. Craig is also someone whose been around for years, though not as close as Renee... we're looking forward to getting to know him better as he starts working with Liam to continue the implementation of Kristin's vision for our all-encompassing (and sometimes all-consuming) corporate software.

Welcome aboard, Renee and Craig!


Don't Forget to Play!

the story so far

Thought Residue
A few weeks ago, I lamented the news I'd read, about the prospect of losing our bananas. Well, Snopes says the problem has been greatly exaggerated! Yay! Banana Splits for everyone!

And the Free State is (or will be)... New Hampshire! Cool, that's within driving distance! It'll be fascinating to watch this project unfold...
"2003 was not the first time that dissent -- *the* American virtue, *the* unique right of us Americans -- suddenly became an ugly word. It happens every few decades, like when they passed the Alien and Sedition Acts, around 1800. Hell, in a way, the Civil War was about stifling dissent; the laws said slavery was just fine The people who changed that were dissenters. And you had your Palmer raids in the twenties, and your communist blacklists in the forties and fifties... All the witch-hunts against political contrary-ness in our history have ended the same way. The American political system was strong enough to prevail against mistaken ideologies; when the dissenters were wrong, the country got stronger. When the dissenters were right, the country got stronger. And everybody who ever tried to shut the dissenters up wound up hated and reviled, their accomplishments overshadowed by their lack of faith in Freedom of Speech." -- Keith Olbermann, on his MSNBC show "Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann," 9/29/3


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