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kloof (kloof) n. a deep glen; ravine. [from Afrikaans.]

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Mystic River :|

"Coincidence like
ancient egg - leave unpleasant
odor." -- Charlie Chan

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The Time Travel Tale of John Titor

"I just wanted to say thanks to you guys for the great games!! I'm a Don at Renison College in Waterloo, Ontario and this term my entire floor has been having a great time playing Fluxx and all of the games for Pyramids. We started off playing Fluxx (which is awesome!) and then a couple weeks ago some friends of mine bought a few stashes and ever since we've been hooked. Icehouse, Martian Chess, Homeworlds, RAMBots, Zendo -- they're all just amazing! Since then we've put in another order for about 10 more stashes (arriving soon!) and everybody is looking forward to their arrival! Anyway -- I'd just like to say thanks from everybody here at Renison, we've had hours of fun already and I look forward to hours more!" -- email from Jim Wallace, Don of Animal Floor

Thursday, November 20th, 2003
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Stoner Fluxx Has Arrived!

I (Kristin) met the truck at our warehouse this afternoon. It was two days late - so Andy didn't get to see a real copy of Stoner Fluxx before he left for GrassyKnollCon. But the first shipment of Stoner Fluxx decks is here, and we are all very excited about it! With decks in hand, we finally started putting together these cute little boxes for the Stoner Fluxx Promotional Mailing that I have been working so hard on for weeks. The retailer and distributor mailings will also include a copy of a new Rabbit to Rabbit advisory I wrote this week: Guidelines for Demoing Stoner Fluxx (only available as a pdf so far.)

The truck didn't show up until almost noon (the driver was stuck in traffic on the beltway) so ACMS only got the first 100 promo packs built (those going up to our PR folks in New York to be sent on to the media) before their hand assembly folks went home for the day - but they will be back at 6 am tomorrow morning to finish up the job. Meanwhile, Brian dug in on the HUGE pile of consumer and wholesale orders that have also been waiting on the arrival of the Stoner Fluxx decks. Pre-orders have been fabulous - over a third of the first print run will ship back out of our warehouse within about 36 hours of arriving! How cool is that! (Thanks ACMS - you guys are awesome!)

This photo is a fake... those are the real boxes, but they're all empty. Last week, as soon as they finished the boxes, we had them FedEX us a few so we could have this photo available for our PR efforts before the decks even showed up. (Thanks Carta Mundi - you guys ROCK!)

Our new PR agency, KCSA, put out a Press Release this week announcing the release of Stoner Fluxx. They are very pleased with the initial media response -- most of the online outlets such as Yahoo have run the press release in its entirety and they have several major media outlets interested in pursuing the story. I probably shouldn't mention any names yet... but they are talking seriously with some pretty impressive publications.

Meanwhile, we've got another new product in the pipeline which should be ready to ship in just a couple of weeks. Andy spent much of the week finishing up the new rule booklet for IceTowers, which should go to the printer tomorrow after a final review this evening. Alison drove up to KLON today to fetch over a hundred thousand pyramids - so ROI will be hard at work on various pyramid assembly jobs the next two weeks. (Good thing, since we sold out of Black stashes at the warehouse today - and had only a handful of them left at home.)

It's been quite a day. And with Andy off hob-knobing with JFK conspiracy weirdos - I also had to write the web article myself again this week!

Thanks for reading our webzine!

the story so far

Thought Residue
"If we are to succeed in this goal, there is nothing more important that any one of us can do than to be honest -- to our friends, to our families and to the public -- about our own marijuana-smoking. We must educate those who have historically been afraid to hear it, and we must reeducate those who have been victimized by decades of government propaganda. For too long, the marijuana-law-reform movement has been hesitant to talk about the positive aspects of marijuana. Yet if we don't, who will? It's time to come out with the truth about pot and those who use it." -- Keith Stroup, Esq., NORML Executive Director, in High Times magazine Oct 2002

"It's really a myth of the decade that we're locking up the user. We do not put people in jail for small amounts of drugs; that's not the priority of the federal government." -- Drug Enforcement Agency Director Asa Hutchinson, on the Phil Donahue Show, July 17, 2002
If it's really the "myth of the decade" that ordinary pot-smokers go to jail, then it shouldn't be a problem for someone who never has more than a "small amount of drugs" to admit to being a pot-smoker. And yet, it's terrifying. But as Keith Stroup says, it would make all the difference if more people did like Jeff and Tracy, so here goes: My name is Andrew James Looney, and yes, I smoke pot. Please don't arrest me.


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