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The Scarfish

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shandrydan (shan'-dree-dan) 1: a chaise with a hood. 2: a rickety vehicle.
Icehouse Pieces, Root Beer colored
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They mean "Peculiar."

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"Chrononauts has a very high replay value, and Early American Chrononauts will only extend the replay potential of both games. Dungeon Crawler awards both editions of Chrononauts with the highest possible recommendation. If you haven't given Chrononauts a try, do so immediately, while there is still time!" -- Brian Spicer's 5-star review of Early American Chrononauts, at Dungeon-Crawler magazine

Thursday, July 22nd, 2004
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Launching Project eBay

We have too much debt. Starting your own small business ain't cheap, and we've run up a considerable amount of debt in the founding Looney Labs. We're doing very well, but the burden of our lingering start-up debt combined with the need for even more cash to fund new and bigger print-runs has us struggling at times to pay all the bills.

We also have too much stuff. Kristin and I are pack-rats, and after 15 years of accumulating stuff together, but not being willing to throw much of anything away, our house is overflowing with junk. (And some of it's pretty cool junk, too, since we used to have high-paying high-tech jobs and thus had a lot more disposable income.) While a lot of the stuff we've got piled up is indeed junk, there are definitely treasures among the trash, particularly when you include the one-of-a-kind artworks, early game prototypes, and unusual collectibles we've got lying around.

And so, we've decided to try using the power of eBay to address our too-much-debt problem by also working on our too-much-stuff problem. New this week is a featurette called "This Week on eBay." Each week, I'll be putting a variety of objects up for sale on eBay (with a list here at Wunderland.com so my regular readers can see what's new) and I'm hoping some of these items will fetch a pretty penny.

As I learn the ropes of running eBay auctions, I expect I'll be putting up a whole bunch of stuff every week. But right now, my only goal is getting started, so this week I'm just selling one thing. It's a one-of-a-kind stash of Icehouse pieces known as the "Root Beer" stash, due to it's cola-colored hue. (The story of the Root Beer stash was told in "The Lovely Looney Ladies of KLON" in November 2001.) Let the bidding begin!

Next week, I'm planning on auctioning off an early Fluxx prototype deck which I've retro-actively dubbed Version 0.3. I'm also working on an article about the history of Fluxx, along with a detailed examination of the evolution of the Fluxx deck, starting with my very first prototype, Version 0.1 (which is the one prototype deck (out of five I still have) which I'm not planning on auctioning off).

Enjoy Life and Don't Forget to Play!

the story so far

Thought Residue
A really promising initiative to tax and regulate marijuana sales in Nevada may not make it onto the ballot this fall after all. The campaign organizers insist that 54,120 valid signatures were turned in on schedule, but the government is trying to disqualify many of the signatures under a previously unenforced technicality, and is claiming they missed the 51,337-signature requirement by more than 16,000. So now it's a court battle, and of course MPP needs extra funding. We're giving them the Stoner Fluxx Foundation Donation this week, and we've also set up a page at their server to make it easy for others to help with a small gift of their own. Thank you for helping us try to change the world!

"Had government officials performed the vital research, they would understand why McMahon is alive today.  Prior to his acceptance in the IND program, George had been through 19 major surgeries, was declared clinically dead several times, took 17 prescribed substances on a daily basis and was confined to a wheelchair. For the past 14 years, George has smoked 10 marijuana cigarettes each day. During this time, he has had no surgeries or hospitalizations, he no longer takes any pharmaceuticals (aside from the occasional aspirin or antibiotic), and he is fully ambulatory.  He is living proof that marijuana has medical value, yet, many federal legislators refuse to admit it. They stubbornly persist in criminalizing patients, spreading misinformation, defying the express will of the people and denying the states their constitutional authority to resolve the issue independently." -- Christopher Largen, "Prescription Pot? Only From Bayer And The U.S. Government"
"During the Clinton Administration, we turned huge deficits into record surpluses. Now, just four years later, $5 trillion of expected surpluses have turned into $3 trillion of new debt. As a result, we are giving our children something they don't want and don't deserve: a $25,000 birth tax. That's the share of our national debt owed by every child in America." -- Senator Tom Daschle, "Doing Right By America"


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