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yestreen (yes-treen') n. (chiefly Scottish) last evening or last night.

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Like a floppy disc,
it looks square on the outside.
Inside, it's floppy.

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Zoom Quilt

"And then it happened. It was so sudden - nobody would have seen it coming. I was on a bus in Queens with my best female friend, going from some somewhere to another somewhere. She reached into her pocket. There it was. Nestled in her worn glove was a small black box, lovingly shrink-wrapped, the multi-colored letters adorning the front cover. 'Fluxx.' And then everything blacked out. Just kidding. I was incredulous, getting louder by the second in my excitement, and as huggy as your favorite happy drunk. People on the bus stared, but we didn't mind. As I unwrapped my gift, she explained that her fiancee had found it while on a business trip in Oregon, and had bought it for me because he knew I had been searching everywhere for it. Oregon! So random, and yet so appropriate. The two-year search was over. Since that day, I have converted bunches of people to Fluxx: family, friends, coworkers... including my originally-skeptical two best girl friends. Nowadays, they tell me to bring the game every time I come over. And yes - every time. I'm buying them Aquarius and Icehouse for Christmas - they'll get a kick out of that. In a time where imagination has been replaced with cheesy plastic toys and brain-numbing 3D graphics, you have created GAMES WORTH PLAYING. Congratulations and... thanks." -- email from a fan named Jaifi

Thursday, October 21st, 2004
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? UberCon, New Rabbits, and Iceland's End

We're back from UberCon, our final convention of the year, and we had a fabulous weekend! We ran another Little Experiment, we played lots of games, we met lots of new friends (and got a few more new Rabbits signed up, too) and we sold plenty of merchandise. It was the perfect end to an excellent trade show season!

Thank you to all the NY/NJ area rabbits who showed up to play and demo games with us.. it's wonderful to put faces with people we have only known from our mailing lists. Thanks in particular to Seth and Allen, long-time fans who did their first official Looney Labs demos this weekend, and who became our biggest helpers! The only official staff members we had on this trip were myself, Kristin, and Alison, so we needed a few extra hands to teach people the play our games, and while nervous they were at first, Seth and Allen, did a great job and made a big difference in our success. Thanks, guys! Thanks also to Peter and Pete and Harry and Nick and Gil and Ben and Kristiana and everyone else who helped make UberCon UberCool!

Speaking of Mad Lab Rabbits, there was a HUGE influx of Rabbit pages suddenly being approved this week, as a result of the completion of the new Rabbit page software (which Marlene designed, Craig built, and Russell is now using). Someday we will have a regular feature on this webzine that features various Rabbits like this for various reasons... someday it will be someday, but for now, we're taking things one at a time. Thanks for being patient with us when it takes months to approve your page. Check out all these Mad Lab Rabbits!

If you remember how we totaled our van on the way to DragonCon, you may be wondering how we got all our gear to UberCon. Have we bought a new van yet? No. We rented one for the week, and we've decided to just live without a van of our own for awhile. Until the start of next year's travel season, we don't really need a van that often, and when we do, we can just rent one for the day.

Seven years and 19 days ago, I started posting a one-panel-per-week cartoon at this web address. Making up the story as I went along (with input from my housemates Alison and Kristin) I wove an odd story about a broccoli and his pyramid friends and some strange journeys they embarked on. This week, the cartoon finally reaches an endpoint I've long been working my way towards, and I've decided to take this opportunity to stop. Even though it was just one panel a week, it was still a lot of work, and I'm ready for a nice long break. Maybe after we move I'll start doing a regular comic again... but no promises.

AndyAnyway, I hope you've enjoyed my cartoon series. Thanks for reading!

Have a great week!

the story so far

Thought Residue
Having announced that we're planning to sell our house and move sometime next year, I'm suddenly feeling like a senior in college all over again. It's like we'll be graduating in the spring, and at that point, we're going to need to decide where we want to go to settle down. When we leave, we'll be saying good-bye to a lot of close friends, though of course we'll plan to stay in touch... it will be the end of one era in our lives, and the beginning of another. So, we're getting used to the idea of the coming changes, and we're excited about the Future, but we're also trying to savor our final months in the comfortable space we're in now. In the spring, everything we'll change, but right now, it's only October and we have a busy senior year ahead of us. Let's enjoy it!

Years ago we installed a third seat in our van, which we called the rumble seat. We salvaged it from a Honda at the junkyard, and we salvaged it again from the wreckage of Bertha, thinking we might install it in the next van. But now, it's found a home in the room we call the Bridge, where it's become the perfect chair to sit in while playing console videogames! When you're playing a car-racing game, you can even fasten your seatbelt!
"We just saved him several minutes of his life." -- Mitch Altman, inventor of the TV-B-Gone (a universal remote, with one button, which turns off nearby televisions by flashing out 209 different "power-off" codes) after turning off the TV in a pizzeria, thus causing a patron to leave before the end of a show he was absent-mindedly watching


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