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marmoreal (mar-more'-ee-al) adj. of, relating to, or suggestive of marble or a marble statue, especially in coldness or aloofness. [from Latin marmor "marble".]
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Like many war films,
it's well done, but please don't make
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"Long before there were websites and email, I encountered the Looneys and their highly original game ideas and loved their entrepreneurial free spirit, their inventiveness and energy. From the start, when they'd come over and help stuff their flyers into our catalogs for our annual mailings, we've had a nurturing fondness for these brilliant bohemians. We happily started selling some of their games ourselves and show them at our Maryland Renaissance Festival pavilion. I'm immensely proud of Andy and Kristin and their entire family/community and how far they've come as an enlightened game company, never losing the spirit of fun and humanity while striving towards business success with a unique product line....We love selling Fluxx and Chrononauts and the epistemologically splendid Nanofictionary. They are tributes to the amazing brains of Andy Looney and his artistic team." -- Kate Jones, founder of Kadon Enterprises, on her Rabbit page

Thursday, January 27th, 2005
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Kristin's Cube College

My wife Kristin is a bona fide Rubik's Cube expert. She enjoyed minor fame for her rapid cube-solving skills, which she figured out on her own before any published solutions to the cube ever existed, unlike guys like me who learned how using a book. And not only did she develop her method herself, it's just plain better than the "top-down" approach most of us who learned from a book know so well. That's part of why she did so well in those contests -- she had a faster solution. Her best competitors usually rivaled her times because they were able to do the cube with the top-down approach at lightning fast speeds. Ultimately, Kristin lost the national championship to a guy who used a method more like hers AND had lightning fast hands. His name was Minh and he later published a book featuring the superior system for cube-solving.

Anyway, over the years Kristin has had occasion to teach people how to solve the cube, using her system. Recently, Kristin had two pupils taking cube-solving lessons at the same time, and this week, they took their final exams and graduated from Kristin's Cube College! Congratulations on being able to solve the cube, Janet and Alison! Kristin told them they had to solve the cube on command before a live audience in under 10 minutes in order to graduate; Janet was certified with a time of 4 minutes 25 seconds, and Alison finished 44 seconds later.

Since their diplomas are hard to read in this photo, here's a better look at one:

As a graduation gift, Kristin presented each of her pupils with their very own cube, which she customized for them, replacing the center white square that says "Rubik's Cube" with, in Janet's case, one that said "Janet's Cube." Isn't that cool? Now I'm tempted to enroll in her class myself, just so I can get a cool personalized cube like that. Plus, even though I can already solve the cube, her system is better, and they've given the moves cool names like the Cha-Cha-Cha and the Double Elevator.

Have a Great Week! And Don't Forget to Play!

PS: If you haven't signed up for your Holiday Gift yet, there's still time! We still haven't sent them out yet!

Thought Residue
A band named themselves after their favorite Fluxx card: Final Card Random! Unfortunately for them, I decided it worked better making the first card random, and in Version 3.0 we changed it to First Play Random. Sorry guys!

"It is time to bring the exhaustive debate down to a simple language that even a child could understand. Hopefully, this book will foster the type of debate that is necessary to make change and end a ruthless and senseless war that has harmed our nation." -- from the FAQ page about a new children's book called It's Just a Plant, in response to the question, "Will this book help legalize marijuana?"
"Twenty-one months into this war, the world's most powerful military is stymied, unable to halt the expanding Iraqis insurgency and the rising number of American dead. Those who planned this war knew as much about Iraq as those who planned the Vietnam War knew about Vietnam, which is why Iraq will end as Vietnam ended. In America's defeat. For those of us who fought in Vietnam and reflected on that disastrous war, we knew America could not win in Iraq. Many Americans came to that conclusion without having served in Vietnam. But not the Bush Administration and the Neocons, and not most Americans, who went along with the invasion and occupation of Iraq. For these Americans, the Vietnam War never happened and Iraq would be 'fast and easy.'" -- Stewart Nusbaumer, "The Jungle in the Desert: We Never Learned Why We Lost the Vietnam War, and Now We're Losing Another Asian War"



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