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Thursday, March 20th, 2008

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turophile (toor'-oh-file, tyoor'-oh-file) n. a connoisseur of cheese; a cheese fancier. [from Greek tyros "cheese" + philos "loving."]

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Parenting is tough--especially when your kidgets kidnapped and killed.

Google Maps gets evil

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Time Travel Mart

"2007 was a very 'Looney' year for my wife and I. We went from only owning regular Fluxx to having every boxed Fluxx game, Aquarius, Chrononauts, and lots of pyramids among other Looney things. Many people in our family gave and received Looney Labs' games at Christmas and we played many of them together on New Year's Eve. So, THANK YOU! for bringing so much fun and joy into our lives!" -- Anthony K, from a private email

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The Name Remains The Same

In my last update, there was a link to a survey we were running, asking what we should call my new "Invaders from Mars" version of Fluxx. Well, we've tabulated the results, and Martian Fluxx beat Fluxx Invaders by a narrow margin, with Alien Invasion Fluxx lagging far behind. And so, after much deliberation, we've decided to stay with our original title.

According to the comments that came in with the votes, a lot of folks felt strongly that we needed to stick with the naming convention we'd already established (Adjective Fluxx) and therefore favored Martian Fluxx or Alien Invasion Fluxx over the backwards Fluxx Invaders. (On the other hand, many who voted for Fluxx Invaders liked it precisely because it deviates from the formula.)

But the real question we were asking, indeed the question that triggered this whole debate, was whether or not people thought Martians were cool. Whereas Zombies are obviously in vogue in today's pop culture, Martians are kind of old fashioned at this point. After all, far from the Earth ever being invaded by Mars, our robots have now conquered their planet! But this issue seems to be of little concern to our survey respondents. Martians may not be as sexy as Zombies, but they're still very cool. So we're just gonna stay with the name Martian Fluxx!

In other news, I'm finally resuming my occasional sales of old stuff on eBay, starting with one of the heavily-requested First Edition Stoner Fluxx decks I squirreled away long ago. If you'd like to be notified whenever this happens (another common request), I've started a Project eBay announcement list which I'll send email to whenever I put something up for sale on eBay.

And speaking of new mailing lists, we've decided to start sending out a monthly e-Newsletter! The March issue of Notes From The Lab will be going out to everyone in the LooneyLabs databank in a couple of days, but after that it will be an opt-in feature, i.e. we'll only be sending future issues to registered members of the Looney Labs Fan Club.

Thanks for reading, and have a great fortnight!Andy

Thought Residue
There's this dream I've had a few times recently, in which I finally manage to travel back to Amsterdam. I'm not sure who I'm with, but it's someone who's never been there before, and I'm showing this person around my favorite city. And we see and do various fun things, but for some reason I can't seem to find any of my favorite coffeeshops. The more I search, the more it becomes clear that all of the coffeeshops are gone, that they've somehow disappeared since my last visit. (I guess I'd have to call this a nightmare, not a dream...)

As a fan of Battestar Galactica, I really enjoyed the 8-minute synopsis of the first 3 seasons called "What the Frak is Going On?" which is currently playing at the official website. An awful lot has happened in the series so far and with the 4th season finally about to start it's a great way to be reminded of the events up to this point. And the narration is hilarious! Of course, it's total spoilerage, so avoid it if you've never seen the show and think you might try to watch it all on DVD someday, but I think it's probably pretty entertaining even if you've never watched a single episode. (Incidentally, the same can all be said about Lost.)
Some people say that deaths come in threes. In my last update, I mentioned mourning Gary Gygax; just before that, we lost William F. Buckley, conservative supporter of drug legalization; and this week it was Arthur C. Clarke, one of the greatest science-fiction authors of all time. Goodbye & farewell, gentlemen...

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