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Friday, September 24th, 2010

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"I just recently purchased EcoFluxx and I just have to tell you how great it is! After I got it my sisters keep bugging me to play it with them. We just can't get enough of it! The new artwork is just wonderful! Adding color just lights up the whole game! Camouflage is our favorite New Rule now, it's so helpful when someone plays a Keeper limit. And the new and improved Goals are fantastic as well. When we first saw Turtles, we bursted out in laughter! The idea of a lizard in a shell was just too much fun. Making the Creepers affect everyone's winning potential was a fantastic idea. Whenever one comes up, we all do our best to get rid of it as soon as possible! The creativity and overall fun that this game gives is matched only by other versions of Fluxx. It is truely a wonderful game! Keep making more awesome stuff, it is just too cool!" -- email from Sam M.

Rash provides another batch of links and commentary on a wide range of topics

We Lost Our Little Cat to Brain Damage

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this article. The past bunch of weeks have been great, but the past few days have been very difficult, due to the loss of one of my closest friends, a cat known as Little Cat.

I've lived with felines my whole life, and I've been mighty attached to several of them, so I know very well the pain that comes at the end of their stories. But I don't think I've ever been quite as closely bonded to a pet as I was with Little Cat. She was MY cat, and I was HER human -- Bald Human, as I liked to imagine she referred to me.

Little Cat was a stray. As I mentioned in one of my earliest web articles, titled "We Found a Little Cat in the Woods," we discovered her while hiking on the C&O Canal in the middle of nowhere, starving, and we took her home with us. I'll never forget the way she came running up to me that day... it was like we were old friends seeing each other again for the first time in ages.

At first we thought she was a kitten because she was so tiny, but the vet concluded that she was at least a year old, perhaps two. So even though we'd named her Minkoff, the nickname of Little Cat is what stuck.

We had a great 12 years together but a couple of weeks ago she started behaving strangely, starting with wanting to sit on my lap for several hours at a time instead of just one, then becoming disinterested in food, generally listless, crawling into tiny spaces and hiding, etc. The vet was perplexed, and blood work and other tests showed nothing wrong. But she kept declining, even as I started force-feeding her.

The problem was either a brain tumor or a brain-damaging blood clot. What made this clear was this thing she started doing, which we called "making the rounds." She'd relentlessly wander from place to place, in a rather zombie-like manner, stopping here and there to stare into corners, and getting stuck behind the most trivial of barriers. At first it just seemed odd, but when the vet heard this, she knew something was going seriously wrong inside her head.

I believe in giving my pets the dignity of a graceful and pain-free exit, and cats make it very easy for you to know when they're ready to go. She'd already given up the will to live, and painful though it was, we helped her out the door. She went to sleep very peacefully as I held her in my lap. She's buried now in our backyard, and will provide excellent fertilizer for a new weeping redbud tree, much like the Aslan tree growing nearby.

I'm going to miss her SO much.


Otherwise, things have been going very well for us. Check out the Pano gallery I just posted, for a bunch of really cool panoramic photos of things we've been doing these past couple of months. (Included is a fun action shot I took of Little Cat making her rounds during one of our last days together.)


AndyThanks for reading, and have a great Whenever!

Thought Residue

In a world where I tweet little thoughts all the time but rarely update my old school proto-blog, I find myself wondering if this format really works anymore. As the Whenevers have gotten longer, I've been finding it increasingly difficult to bubble up 3 thoughts the way I did when I didn't have a Facebook account and was updating every Thursday. Maybe it's just because I'm kind of blue right now, or maybe it's because I'm aware of work being done behind the scenes which will eventually change the whole look and feel of this page, but for whatever reason, I'm drawing a blank on the TRs at this time. Has Twitter made Thought Residue obsolete?

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