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Monday, November 8th, 2010

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"Looney Labs creates award-winning games that my kids - and now all the kids on our block - are addicted to. Although they have many other games, we get almost daily requests to play Family Fluxx (the family-friendly version of the award-winning and hugely popular Fluxx card game that's all about change) or Aquarius, the game of matching elements. We couldn't be happier about their newfound passion for card games that make them think. For once, we're as excited to play as they are!" -- Parents Connect's "About Aquarius and Family Fluxx" page

Rash provides another batch of links and commentary on a wide range of topics

Starship Captains, Pirates, & Monkeys (oh my) / Welcome Jenn!

Question: What do you call someone who's a big fan of Icehouse games? Are they IceHeads? Pyramid-fans? Icehouse-oriented Looney Game Technicians?

We have a new answer: Starship Captains. (I know it sounds weird, but it works great once you get used to it.) Check out the new page I just posted on the subject!

And speaking of the pyramids, we're gradually working towards relaunching the entire system, which begins with the discontinuation of the current methodology. Next June we'll be debuting IceDice as the first title in the new pyramid packaging style which we've been slowly developing for a very long time now. Sorry, I can't reveal any more yet about what that new packaging will look like... we think we've got it all figured out, but since we've changed our minds repeatedly about what "system 8" would be, we don't want to go public with the details too early. Nevertheless, IceDice will arrive in June, and that means we want to sell through and be out of the old way of selling the system for awhile in advance of that change. (Also, there are compliance issues with the old packaging vs. new laws that drive this decision.) Thus, as of November 1st, all versions of Treehouse are officially out of print from Looney Labs. (Stores that sell our games will still have them until they sell through their existing stock.) Replacement pyramids will be available during the interrum, but only through our website. Please check out the new pyramid page at Looney Labs for more info.

In other production news, Pirate Fluxx is now in full swing and we're on schedule for a release in February. Our awesome contract artist Derek Ring is now creating illustrations for us, and so far they look awesome. Here's the first one he finished, along with the official logo: It's the Monkey!

And speaking of new Fluxxes, I had some design breaktrhoughs this week on Gambling Fluxx. Ever since we decided to put the cork back in Drinking Fluxx, we've been contemplating other options for products to release through Fully-Baked-Ideas, and Fluxx + Betting is a formula we keep coming back to. Anyway, I finally figured out how to make it work, and we've been having a lot of fun testing out my new prototype. We're talking about a Fall 2011 release!

In other Looney Labs news, things didn't work out with our sales manager Chris Marshall, so we've hired Jennifer Powers to take the position. Jenn has actually been working for us for awhile now, but only as a part-time contractor. Now she's an official Looney Labs employee, and even though she's telecommuting from the west coast, she's really feeling like part of the team thanks to our increased use of video-conferencing technology. Welcome aboard Jenn!

As for everything else, things have been going very well indeed. We've been having lots of fun and adventure since my last update, including attending the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, riding roller-coasters at King's Dominion, carving pumpkins, playing games the Renaissance Festival, climbing through trees at the Sandy Spring Adventure Park, running around DC collecting objects for a scavenger hunt, celebrating my birthday, and seeing Back to the Future on the big screen again (for the occasion of its 25th anniversary).

Shown below are photos of a couple of the things I just mentioned; on the right is a glimpse of the Sandy Spring Adventure Park, and that group around the parking meter (which you will note says "FAIL", since the challenge was to find a broken parking meter) is our Scavenger Hunt team: Kathy Keefe, myself, Bro Frane, and Alison. And while we didn't win the hunt, we did score very well, and we had a blast doing so.

As for our other recent adventures, check out Pano Gallery #2 for a bunch of really cool photos!

The only recent bummer I can think of just now is the failure of Prop 19, and even there I'm feeling good: 46% voted yes, and the subject got an incredible amount of debate and serious discussion. Considering how far we've come since I first become a legalization advocate (when it was a fringe issue that few were willing to even acknowledge) the closeness of this defeat is a sure sign that we are winning in the long run, and will eventually succeed in our goal.

AndyAnyway, thanks for reading, and have a great Whenever!

Thought Residue

Given the lack of outcry of my musings from last time about discontinuing this featurette, I've concluded that yes, Twitter has made Thought Residue obsolete. This therefore will be my final Residual Thought. See you on the Twitter!

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