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Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

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"spent all last night playing Fluxx - we are soooooo addicted! we LOVE the game!!!!" -- tweet by Frau_BH

Rash provides another batch of links and commentary on a wide range of topics

Pharaoh and the Fan Club Website

Merry Xmas! Happy New Year! Here's hoping you are having a great holiday season.

If you haven't already seen it yet in the recent issue of Notes From the Lab, our Holiday Gift this year is the rules to my new pyramid game Pharaoh. I'm pleased to note that it's already showing up on Starship Captain's top ten lists! It plays best with 3 or 4 (although 2 can play as well). All you need is a Rainbow or Xeno Treehouse set and a Volcano board. Give it a try!

Also, since this year's gift was just a download, we created a coupon code worth $5 at our online gift store. If you haven't already used it yet for holiday shopping, you can still use it to get something fun for yourself -- it's good until Jan 15th. You'll find the code in the Notes From the Lab.

Speaking of Starship Captains and their top ten lists, that idea is taking off wonderfully. The term is definitely catching on, the concept is definitely getting pyramid fans to both list their favorite games and to learn more games so that they know enough to qualify. All of which is clear from watching the activity on our new fan club website.

Also, we finally have a new fan club website! We've been gradually announcing the new site over the course of the past few weeks and we already have a lot of Lab Techs signed up and helping us build out the site. Best of all, we already have almost 40 registered Starship Captains in the system!

The new fan club site provides a community communication tool which many of our fans have been begging us to create for years, namely forums. And we've already got some fascinating forum discussions going over there, on everything from important rule clarifications to silly stuff like your favorite color of pyramid. Of particular note for Volcano fans is the new spin-off game we've been trying out lately, called Caldera.

A new fan posting I found particularly interesting was Ryan Hackel's Stereotypical Starship Captain List, in which he compiles statistics using the first 33 Starship Captain lists posted at the new site, and listing them in order of their average rankings. Of course, I can't help but notice that while the top 3 games -- Volcano, Zendo, and Homeworlds, in that order -- were all designed by friends of mine, all of the other top 11 games are by me. What's really amazing is that Pharaoh -- the new game I just released -- is already at #5 on the hit parade! Anyway, thanks so much to Ryan for crunching these numbers, and to all of the members of the rapidly-growing Icehouse Academy of Starship Captains for posting their lists! Welcome aboard, Captains!

In other news, we're eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first sample decks of Pirate Fluxx from the printers. We're on schedule to begin shipping advance demo copies in January! And to help get everyone excited about the debut, we made a little video explaining the cool new stuff in this awesome new version. Special thanks to my pirate friends Chort & Paula, Davy & Rink, and Kevin, for the spirited gameplay I captured on camera!

Anyway, we have other cool stuff in the works too, like that secret project we've started working on with famous dragon artist Larry Elmore, and of course the upcoming relaunch of Treehouse with the new game IceDice... but details on those will have to wait until next year.

AndyThanks for reading, thanks for playing our games, and happy holidays!

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