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"After you stop eating it for a few weeks, you don't want it anymore. At least I don't." - me

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Thyestean (thigh-ess'-tee-an) adj. of or relating to the eating of human flesh; cannibal (fr. Thyestes, brother of Atreus, who unwittingly ate the flesh of his own children)

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The classic story of an easy going eccentric and his friend Harvey (a giant invisible rabbit) is still a charming and very funny comedy. It's understandably one of Jimmy Stewart's most memorable roles, but I was struck by how much of this movie he's *not* in. It's kind of like Harvey himself. His presence is felt throughout the scenes he's not seen in. It's also a great reminder of how an easy-going attitude can make the world a nicer place. I found it interesting to learn, in the comments following the recent showing on American Movie Classics, that the director's work, like my own, rarely involved villains.

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A Field Guide to American Spacecraft
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Thursday, April 27, 2000
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Broccoli Pop-Tarts

This has been a great week. In my last couple of reports, I've been explaining perhaps a little too much about our current financial situation, and our need for investment funding. Needless to say, we've been getting even more email than usual since then (blanket apology to anyone who's email we haven't answered: we've very sorry, we just can't keep up!) but more importantly, we've also gotten quite a few sales. (Of course, it helps that we also released a long-awaited new product last week...) And I'm pleased to say that although our money problem is far from solved, the recent spike in sales has pushed our cashflow crisis point back a bit. So, thanks to everyone who visited our Shopping Center this week!

The other thing that made this a good sales week was Balticon. Over the weekend we ran our second Pop Tart Cafe installation at what is to me the original science fiction convention, since it was the first one I ever attended, way back in 1980. Then as now it was held over the Easter holiday, but next year it moves to Disclave's old weekend, Memorial Day. At first I was kind of saddened by this planned change of tradition, but now I'm happy about it... it hadn't occurred to us that Pop-Tarts aren't Kosher for Passover, so our Jewish visitors couldn't eat the refreshments we were serving. Even so, the event was a smashing success - everyone had a fantastic time playing our games in our cool gaming parlor, and we even turned a profit. Anyway, check out the scrapbook for photos and stories from the event, and thanks to everyone who helped make it a success!

The event was billed as a release party for 2 new products, Black Ice and Button Broccoli. Black Ice sold very well, being outsold only by Fluxx, but we were actually rather disappointed by the sales of our new Button Men expansion... I guess there weren't very many Cheapass fans there. But reactions to it were great nonetheless... the most memorable came from some Darkon players who knew Tirade from the nation of Moot but knew nothing of his other adventures. They were blown away!

[Secret Message to customers who bought Black Ice at Balticon: The little card that came inside the bag ("This is a Beta Release...") is actually a valuable coupon. Since then, we've added a message on the back that says "Eventually (after we've had more time to develop two-color games) we will publish a Black Ice book which we will then include with these pieces. This coupon may be exchanged for a free copy of that book when it is released." So don't throw it away!]

We celebrated the Easter holiday with Kristin's family, where we feasted, debated the issues in the Elian Gonzales case, received an amazing gift, discussed our plans for the future, and showed off the prototype of Chrononauts. (I was happy to see that Marv, who's something of a history buff, found the game both agreeable and exciting.)

But no week is perfect, and this week we were sad because the bank turned down our business loan application. This wasn't really surprising... banks don't look for potential, they look for collateral, and we've already got all our property cards turned face down. But while this wasn't exactly unexpected, it was still a bummer and it means that our search for a Business Angel is more important than ever. The next step is to bring our Business Plan up to date, and then start finding people to send it to. [Does anyone out there know either Ben or Jerry? Do they like games?]

AndyHave a great week!

New Iceland cartoonthe story so far

Thought Residue
Kristin's parents bought us an iBook! (A little bird told them how useful, yet out of reach, such a thing would be, and since she's got a birthday coming up...) Thanks Marv and Elaine!
"I am in the Big Chair! Do what I say!" - Alison, at the Pop-Tart Cafe
"Is that Mrs. Frank Cummings? Doesn't she look ghastly, I thought she was dead. I must get a closer look..." - Elwood Dowd's Aunt Ethel, in Harvey (recently portrayed on stage by Alison's Mom)

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