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Thursday, May 24th, 2007

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Avenue Montaigne :)

And here, all this time,
I was lead to believe that
Parisians aren't nice.

Star Trek vs. Star Wars

Tirade's Choice

Gullible Info

"I first discovered Looney Labs when some friends and I discovered Fluxx in a game store in the local mall. We bought a box and took it home. The next day we went back to the store and bought every copy they had. The Purple Submarine CD in the Blanxx pack led me to Chrononauts and I was hooked on Looney games. I tell anyone I find with even a passing interest in history to get Chrononauts (& EAC), the ultimate What If? game. " -- Matt Fields

Questions answered, and some Trivia

  • Sorry again, too busy getting ready for conventions to make a new video this week

New Medallion Artwork

Origins is starting to really loom, so this week I've been working on the art for this year's batch of Big Experiment Tournament Medallions. As usual, I made a bunch of new ones, but this new image I did for Martian Chess is the one I'm most proud of. I'm also pretty happy with the new Icehouse medallions I came up with, which you can see either by scrolling down or clicking over to the newly expanded Gallery of Big Experiment Medallions.

I hadn't planned on redoing the Martian Chess artwork this year... the real reason I did so now was that I'm finishing up 3HOUSE and I decided that it really wasn't right to re-use Dawn's Martian landscape painting yet again on the cover of our latest Icehouse publication. We've already used it so much, and anyway, it isn't even really appropriate: it's classic Icehouse, not Martian Chess, that the people are playing in that painting. So, I created a new image to use on the cover of 3HOUSE, and having done so, it was a no-brainer to switch over to this for the medallion.

Also, if you read last week's article, you're probably wondering what I came up with as a set of Icehouse medallions that would be appropriate for re-using every year. Well, here they are:

Be sure to check out the Gallery page to see the rest of the set of 49 medallions we'll be giving out to tourney winners a few weeks from now at Origins. (And btw, have you made your plans to attend Origins yet? I hope to see you there! It's my favorite week of the year!)

AndyThanks for reading, and have a great week!

Thought Residue
Nothing's been decided yet (and nothing will happen for a long time regardless) but I'm getting the feeling that the decision of where we should eventually move to is narrowing down to something in the Charles Town / Shepherdstown / Martinsburg area of West Virginia. I found a lot to like about the first two towns during my recent visit with Robin, but my biggest concern with both of those places is how small they are. Martinsburg is also very small, but it's still a lot bigger and I really like how well it's connected into the transportation network. Martinsburg is convenient to Interstate 81 as well as rail lines that provide for train access back to DC, not just on Amtrak but also on the MARC commuter train. I'm looking forward to visiting this city next...

This weekend we invented a new treat! We call them Imperial squares and it's a square of chocolate chip cookie sans chocolate chips, covered with a layer of that homemade fudge I've been making for my whole life. We made them for a party at TV Tom's and they were a big hit! They're elegant and oh-so-yummy! We've been experimenting with different cookie dough recipes, to determine the final formula we'll use when we make them again...
I really hope Gore decides, at the last minute, to run again for President. I'd love to see all those buttons and bumper stickers that say "Re-Elect Al Gore."

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